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“I—­ I sur—­ render!” gasped Belright Fogg, and up went his hands, tremblingly.

The other policeman produced a pair of handcuffs and in a twinkling they were slipped upon Japson’s wrist.  Then the bluecoats turned towards Pelter.

“You shan’t arrest me!” yelled that broker, savagely, and with a wrench, he tore himself from Dick’s grasp and started through the rooms to the rear of the apartment.


 Brought to terms

“Stop him!”

“He must not get away’”

Such were some of the cries that echoed through the apartment as Jesse Pelter ran for the rear room.

He knew there was a fire escape there and thought he might reach the ground from that.

But Dick was at his heels, determined that the broker should not escape if he could possibly prevent it.

The window to the fire escape was open, for a maid in the kitchen had just set out some cooked dish to cool.

Pelter made a leap for the window, nearly scaring the maid into a fit.  She screamed loudly, and as she did so Dick made a wild leap and caught Pelter by the foot.

“Let go, Rover!” yelled the broker, hoarsely.

“I won’t!  You are not going to get away, Pelter.”

There was a struggle, and the broker aimed a blow at Dick’s head.  Then the oldest Rover boy suddenly caught the rascal by the neck and banged his head vigorously against the window casing.

“Ouch!  Don’t!” groaned the broker.  “Oh, my skull is broken!”

“Then keep still,” answered Dick, grimly, and he continued to hold the man.  Soon one of the policemen came up, and then, much against his will, the head of the firm of Pelter, Japson & Company was handcuffed like his partner in crime.

“You’ll suffer for this, Rover; see if you don’t!” growled Jesse Pelter, after the excitement was over.  “I have done nothing wrong, and I can prove it.  This is all a plot on the part of you and your family to get our firm into trouble.”

“You can do your talking when you are in jail,” answered Dick, briefly.  “I know what I am doing.”

“Maybe you got Crabtree to hatch up a story against us,” came from Japson.

“Never mind what Crabtree confessed,” said Dick.  “You’ll get what is coming to you, never fear.”

“I guess I had better send in a call for the patrol wagon,” said one of the policemen.  “Can you watch ’em, Jake?”

“Sure,” answered the second bluecoat.  “I guess the young fellows will help.”

“I will,” said Dick.

“So will I,” put in Dan.  He turned to Dick.  “I’m mighty glad to be of service to you.  It kind of helps to—­ to—­ pay off old scores, eh?” he faltered.

“Yes, Dan; you are doing us a great service, and I shan’t forget it,” returned Dick, with warmth.

A number of tenants in the apartment house had been alarmed by what was going on, and among them were the girl Baxter was engaged to marry, and her mother.  Dan quickly explained matters to them, and introduced Dick, and the latter told of the service Baxter had done.  Then the police patrol wagon came along, and the prisoners and the others went below.

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