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Meanwhile old Granny Fox had stolen out from around the corner of the shed behind Bowser.  Getting hold of the edge of the pan with her teeth she pulled it back with her around the corner and out of sight.  If she made any noise, Bowser didn’t hear it.  He was making too much noise himself and was too excited.  Presently Reddy heard the sound of an opening door.  Mrs. Brown was coming to see what all the fuss was about.  Like a flash Reddy darted behind the barn, and all Mrs. Brown saw was Bowser tugging at his chain as he whined and yelped excitedly.

“I guess he must have seen a stray cat or something,” said Mrs. Brown and went back in the house.  Bowser continued to whine and tug at his chain for a few minutes.  Then he gave it up and, growling deep in his throat, turned to eat his dinner.  But there wasn’t any dinner!  It had disappeared, pan and all!  Bowser couldn’t understand it at all.

Back of the shed Granny and Reddy Fox licked that pan clean; licked it until it was polished.  Then, with little sighs of satisfaction, and every once in a while a chuckle, they trotted happily home.

CHAPTER XIX:  Old Man Coyote Does A Little Thinking

   Investigate and for yourself find out
   Those things which most you want to know about.
      — Old Granny Fox.

Never in all his life had Reddy Fox enjoyed a dinner more than that one he and Granny had stolen from Bowser the Hound.  Of course it would have tasted delicious anyway, because they were so dreadfully hungry, but to Reddy it tasted better still because it had been intended for Bowser.  Bowser has hunted Reddy so often that Reddy has no love for him at all, and it tickled him almost to death to think that they had taken his dinner from almost under his nose.

With that good dinner in their stomachs, Reddy and Granny Fox felt so much better that the Great World no longer seemed such a cold and cruel place.  Funny how differently things look when your stomach is full from the way those same things look when it is empty.  Best of all they knew they could play the same sharp trick again and steal another dinner from Bowser if need be.  It is a comforting feeling, a very comforting feeling, to know for a certainty where you can get another meal.  It is a feeling that Granny and Reddy Fox and many other little people of the Green Meadows and the Green Forest seldom have in winter.  As a rule, when they have eaten one meal, they haven’t the least idea where the next one is coming from.  How would you like to live that way?

The very next day Granny and Reddy went up to Farmer Brown’s at Bowser’s dinner hour.  But this time Farmer Brown’s boy was at work near the barn, and Bowser was not chained.  Granny and Reddy stole away as silently as they had come.  On the day following they found Bowser chained and stole another dinner from him; then they went away laughing until their sides ached as they heard Bowser’s whines of surprise and disappointment when he discovered that his dinner had vanished.  They knew by the sound of his voice that he hadn’t the least idea what had become of that dinner.

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