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It was not until then that Reddy discovered him.  Of course, Reddy started after him, and this time he made good use of his speed.  But he was too late.  Old Jed Thumper reached his castle with Reddy two jumps behind him.  Reddy knew now that there was no chance to catch Old Jed that day, and for a few minutes he felt more bitter than ever.  Then all in a flash Reddy Fox became the shrewd, clever fellow that he really is. he grinned.

“It’s of no use to try to fill an empty stomach on wishes,” said he.

“If I had come straight here and minded my own business, I’d have caught old Jed Thumper.  Now I’m going to get some food and I’m not going home until I do.”

Very wisely Reddy put all unpleasant thoughts out of his head and settled down to using his wits and his eyes and his ears and his nose for all they were worth, as Old Mother Nature had intended he should.

All through the Old Pasture he hunted, taking care not to miss a single place where there was the least chance of finding food.  But it was all in vain.  Reddy gulped down his disappointment.

“Now for the Big River,” said he, and started off bravely.

When he reached the edge of the Big River, he hurried along the bank until he reached a place where the water seldom freezes.  As he had hoped, he found that it was not frozen now.  It looked so black and cold that it made him shiver just to see it.  Back and forth with his nose to the ground he ran.  Suddenly he stopped and sniffed.  Then he sniffed again.  Then he followed his nose straight to the very edge of the Big River.  There, floating in the black water, was a dead fish!  By wading in he could get it.

Reddy shivered at the touch of the cold water, but what were wet feet compared with such an empty stomach as his?  In a minute he had that fish and was back on the shore.  It wasn’t a very big fish, but it would stop the ache in his stomach until he could get something more.  With a sigh of pure happiness he sank his teeth into it and then —­ well, then he remembered poor Old Granny Fox.  Reddy swallowed a mouthful and tried to forget Granny.  But he couldn’t.  He swallowed another mouthful.  Poor old Granny was back there at home as hungry as he was and too stiff and tired to hunt.  Reddy choked.  Then he began a battle with himself.  His stomach demanded that fish.  If he ate it, no one would be the wiser.  But Granny needed it even more than he did.  For a long time Reddy fought with himself.  In the end he picked up the fish and started for home.

CHAPTER XVI:  Reddy Is Made Truly Happy

   It’s what you do for others,
   Not what they do for you,
   That makes you feel so happy
   All through and through and through.
      — Old Granny Fox.

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