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many ways and under various circumstances, alive and dead.  Messrs. Novello, Ewer & Co. have in their possession a clever water-colour drawing by Kwiatkowski of Chopin on his death-bed.  A more elaborate picture by the same artist represents Chopin on his death-bed surrounded by his sister, the Princess Marcellince Czartoryska, Grzymala, the Abbe Jelowicki, and the portrayer.  On page 321 of this volume will be found M. Charles Gavard’s opinion of two portrayals of Chopin, respectively by Clesinger and Kwiatkowski.  In conclusion, I recall to the reader’s attention what has been said of the master’s appearance and its pictorial and literary reproductions on pp. 65 and 246 of Vol.  I. and pp. 100, 135, and 329 of Vol.  II.



List of Chopin’s works.

The original editions were three in number:  the German, the French, and the English (see p. 272).  To avoid overcrowding, only the names of the original German and French publishers will be given in the following list, with two exceptions, however,—­Op. 1 and 5, which were published in Poland (by Brzezina & Co., of Warsaw) long before they made their appearance elsewhere. [Footnote:  What is here said, however, does not apply to Section iv.] Some notes on the publication of the works in England are included in these preliminary remarks.

In the list the publishers will be always placed in the same order—­the German first, and the French second (in the two exceptional cases, Op. 1 and 5, they will be second and third).  The dates with an asterisk and in parentheses (*) are those at which a copy of the respective works was deposited at the Paris Bibliotheque du Conservatoire de Musique, the dates without an asterisk in parentheses are derived from advertisements in French musical journals; the square brackets [ ] enclose conjectural and approximate dates and additional information; and lastly, the dates without parentheses and without brackets were obtained by me direct from the successors of the original German publishers, and consequently are more exact and trustworthy than the others.  In a few cases where the copyright changed hands during the composer’s lifetime, and where unacquaintance with this change might give rise to doubts and difficulties, I have indicated the fact.

The publishing firms mentioned in the list are the following:—­ Maurice Schlesinger, Brandus &Cie. (the successors of M. Schlesinger), Eugene Troupenas & Cie., Joseph Meissonnier, Joseph Meissonnier fils H. Lemoine, Ad.  Catelin & Cie. (Editeurs des Compositeurs reunis, Rue Grange Bateliere, No. 26), Pacini (Antonio Francesco Gaetano), Prilipp & Cie. (Aquereurs d’une partie du Fond d’lgn.  Pleyel & Cie.), S. Richault (i.e., Charles Simon Richault, to whom succeeded his son Guillaume Simon, who in his turn was succeeded by his son Leon.—­Present

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