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almost every German publisher, has issued one—­among others there are Schuberth’s, edited by Alfred Richter, Kahnt’s, edited by S. Jadassohn, and Steingraber’s, edited by Ed. Mertke. [Footnote:  Among earlier editions I may mention the incomplete OEuvres completes, forming Vols. 21-24 of the Bibliotheque des Pianistes, published by Schonenberger (Paris, 1860).] Voluminous as the material for a critical edition of Chopin’s works is, its inconclusiveness, which constantly necessitates appeals to the individual taste and judgment of the editor, precludes the possibility of an edition that will satisfy all in all cases.  Chopin’s pupils, who reject the editing of their master’s works by outsiders, do not accept even the labours of those from among their midst.  These reasons have determined me not to criticise, but simply to describe, the most notable editions.  In speaking of the disputes about the correctness of the various editions, I cannot help remembering a remark of Mendelssohn’s, of which Wenzel told me.  “Mendelssohn said on one occasion in his naive manner:  ’In Chopin’s music one really does not know sometimes whether a thing is right or wrong.’”


Chopin’s arrival in London.—­Musical aspect of the British
Metropolis in 1848.—­Cultivation of Chopin’s music in England.—­
Chopin at evening parties, &C. —­Letters giving an account of his
doings and feelings.—­Two matinees MUSICALES given by Chopin;
criticisms on them.—­Another letter.—­Kindness shown him.—­Chopin
starts for Scotland.—­A letter written at Edinburgh and Calder
house.—­His scotch friends and acquaintances.—­His stay at Dr.
LYSCHINSKl’S.—­Plays at A concert in Manchester.—­Returns to
Scotland, and gives A matinee musicale in Glasgow and in
Edinburgh.—­More letters from Scotland.—­Back to London.—­Other
letters.—­Plays at A “Grand polish ball and concertIn the
Guildhall.—­Last letter from London, and journey and return to

Chopin arrived in London, according to Mr. A. J. Hipkins, on April 21, 1848.

[Footnote:  The indebtedness of two writers on Chopin to Mr. Hipkins has already been adverted to in the Preface.  But his vivid recollection of Chopin’s visit to London in this year, and of the qualities of his playing, has been found of great value also in other published notices dealing with this period.  The present writer has to thank Mr. Hipkins, apart from second-hand obligations, for various suggestions, answers to inquiries, and reading the proof-sheets of this chapter.]

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