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Louis XI of France practised the same sophistry, for he also had a peculiar species of oath, the only one which he was ever known to respect, and which, therefore, he was very unwilling to pledge.  The only engagement which that wily tyrant accounted binding upon him was an oath by the Holy Cross of Saint Lo d’Angers, which contained a portion of the True Cross.  If he prevaricated after taking this oath Louis believed he should die within the year.  The Constable Saint Paul, being invited to a personal conference with Louis, refused to meet the king unless he would agree to ensure him safe conduct under sanction of this oath.  But, says Comines, the king replied, he would never again pledge that engagement to mortal man, though he was willing to take any other oath which could be devised.  The treaty broke oft, therefore, after much chaffering concerning the nature of the vow which Louis was to take.  Such is the difference between the dictates of superstition and those of conscience.


A’, all.

ABOON, abune, above.

Ae, one.

AFF, off.

Afore, before.

AHINT, behind.

Ain, own.

AITS, oats.

AMAIST, almost.

Ambry, a cupboard, a pantry.

An, if.

Ane, one.

ANEUCH, enough.

Array, annoy, trouble.

ASSOILZIED, absolved, acquitted.

ASSYTHMENT, satisfaction,

Auld, old.

Baff, a blow.

BAGGANET, a bayonet.

Bailie, a city magistrate in Scotland.

Bairn, a child.

BAITH, both.

Banes, bones.

Bang-up, get up quickly, bounce.

Barley, a parley, a truce.

BAULD, bold.

BAULDER, bolder.

Bawbee, a halfpenny.

Bawty, sly, cunning.

Bees, in the, bewildered, stupefied.

BEFLUMM’D, flattered, cajoled.

BEGUNK, a trick, a cheat.

Ben, within, inside.

Benempt, named.

Bicker, a wooden dish.

Bide, stay, endure.

BIELDY, affording shelter.

Bigging, building.

BIRLIEMAN, a peace officer.

Black-cock, the black grouse.

Black-fishing, ashing by torchlight, poaching.

BLUDE, bluid, blood.

BODDLE, bodle, a copper coin, worth one third of an English penny.

Bogle about the bush, beat about the bush, a children’s game.

Bonnie, beautiful, comely, fine,

BOUNE, prepared.

Bra’, fine, handsome, showy.

Brander, broil.

Breeks, breeches.

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