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Which treats of how major Roger Sherman Potter, solely in obedience
to the demands of the nation, turned A deaf ear to the remonstrances
of his wife Polly, and sailed for new York, to the great delight of
little Barnstable.

“You will see, sir,” whispered the major, putting the fore finger of his right hand to his lips, “that my inclination never runs to small things.  It quite confounded my wife, Polly, when I revealed to her my intention of complying with your request, and of our setting out together in search of fame and fortune.  But as I have the power of persuasion pretty largely developed, and am in all quite a philosopher, I overcame her objections by telling her you were a sprightly young gentleman, whose political fame and great learning was coupled with the most kind and affectionate disposition.  ’Honor, husband,’ says she, ’to whom honor is due.  I know you have deserved, if you have not yet achieved.  But let not your success in office carry away your modesty and humility.  And above all, remember to think of us at home, for I have heard it said that politicians let their loves run too free when away from their wives.’  Having assured her that I would not forget her admonition, and be careful upon what damsel I let a double look fall, she consented that I might depart a third time, and see what could be done.  And I made a vow never to forget her while the sun of prosperity shone upon me.  Now, if you will just fix the time of our departure, you will find me ready.  Major Potter, as you have seen, is no small man in Barnstable.  Major Potter never comes and goes without being noticed.  And if you havn’t had proof enough of my popularity, you’ll see what an ado there will be made when I leave.  Honor, as my wife Polly says, always awaits them who merit it; and though a man’s modesty will not let him be for ever speaking of himself, I may say it to you, seeing that we are about to join our fortunes, that the people never see me go without a regret.  As to my children, I shall give each an admonition before I leave; and as I hope one day to see them enjoying the admiration, as well as the distinction my military reputation will confer upon them, it will be safe to leave the rest to heaven.”  The major conveyed this information in so quaint a manner that I could not suppress a smile, though it disclosed a resolution I by no means welcomed.  In truth, I had already seen so much of his eccentricities, that I was hoping our acquaintance would cease in Barnstable.  But it now became apparent that he regarded himself not only a necessary item in my welfare, but as being most essential to the achievement of my designs.  So, charging me to think no more of Bessie, whom he hinted was as coy a little witch as ever waited on the table of a country tavern, and ready at all times to make love with every dashing young fellow who chanced that way, he took his departure, promising to call at noon on the next day.

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