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The landlord had paced his halls in great tribulation for some time, for he saw he had been grievously taken in, and that the damage to the reputation of his house would be four fold what he would get of the city for all his trouble.  Seeing, then, his house in a state of confusion, and having fears for the good name of his patron saint, he rushed into the room, crying, “Gentlemen! gentlemen! pray leave my house, for though I see you are guardians of the city, you seem to have as little respect for the reputation of my house, which is my bread, as you have for the good order of the city.  Pray get away from here, and what you have had shall be given for charity’s sake.”  Seeing they were not inclined to respect his admonition, he called a posse of policemen, and ordered them to clear his house of the miscreants; but they, seeing it was their own masters who were deporting themselves in this disorderly manner, merely shook their heads and walked away.  In this dilemma, for the landlord saw he could not get of the police what he paid for, he called some two score of his own servants, who, having no respect for high officials who do not respect themselves, were not long in tumbling them into the street; and would have had Major Roger Sherman Potter following them, if he could have been found!


In which major Roger Potter is found almost suffocated; and how he declares that men of lowly birth become dangerous when elevated to power.

The writer of this history, remembering how his mother admonished him to be virtuous and prudent, retired quietly to bed before the passions of the high functionaries had caused so violent an outbreak.  And though his regard for the major’s reputation was of the tenderest kind, he slept soundly, feeling sure that there was nothing in the list of misfortunes the major was incapable of overcoming.  It was with no little surprise, then, that I was awoke by the landlord on the following morning, and told that Major Roger Potter was no where to be found.  He regretted having such people in his house; but said it would shorten the account of his misfortunes, if he could but find the missing guest, for it was his custom to treat all men with courtesy.

On repairing to the parlor, which we did as speedily as possible, proof of what had taken place on the previous night lay strewn all over the floor.  There, too, lay the major’s three cornered hat, as if sitting in judgment upon a promiscuous heap of bottles.  But this was the only vestige of the missing hero.  At length a sort of murmuring sound was heard, as of some one in great distress.  Seeing the landlord much perplexed, I listened with anxious attention, and soon discovered the sound to resemble very much that made by the major over the

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