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  “In some respects Mr. Huneker must be reckoned the most
  brilliant of all living writers on matters musical.”

     —­Academy, London.

MEZZOTINTS in modern music Brahms, Tschaikowsky, ChopinRichard Strauss, Liszt, and Wagner 12mo. $1.50 net

“Mr. Huneker is, in the best sense, a critic; he listens to the music and gives you his impressions as rapidly and in as few words as possible; or he sketches the composers in fine, broad, sweeping strokes with a magnificent disregard for unimportant details. ...  A distinctly original and very valuable contribution to the world’s tiny musical literature.”

     —­J.  F. Runciman, in London Saturday Review.

Franz Liszt
with numerous illustrations
12mo. $2.00 net

The Man and His Music
with etched portrait
12mo. $2.00 net

VISIONARIES l2 mo. $1.50 net

  Contents:  A Master of Cobwebs—­The Eighth Deadly Sin—­The
  Puree of Aholibah—­Rebels of the Moon—­The Spiral Road—­A Mock
  Sun—­Antichrist—­The Eternal Duel—­The Enchanted Yodler—­The
  Third Kingdom—­The Haunted Harpsichord—­The Tragic Wall—­A
  Sentimental Rebellion—­Hall of the Missing Footsteps—­The
  Cursory Light—­An Iron Fan—­The Woman Who Loved Chopin—­The
  Tune of Time—­Nada—­Pan.

“In ‘The Spiral Road’ and in some of the other stories both fantasy and narrative may be compared with Hawthorne in his most unearthly moods.  The younger man has read his Nietzsche and has cast off his heritage of simple morals.  Hawthorne’s Puritanism finds no echo in these modern souls, all sceptical, wavering and unblessed.  But Hawthorne’s splendor of vision and his power of sympathy with a tormented mind do live again in the best of Mr. Huneker’s stories.”

     —­London Academy (Feb. 3, 1906).

MELOMANIACS 12mo. $1.50 net

“It would be difficult to sum up ‘Melomaniacs’ in a phrase.  Never did a book, in my opinion at any rate, exhibit greater contrasts, not, perhaps, of strength and weakness, but of clearness and obscurity.”

     —­HaroldE. Gorst, in London Saturday Review.

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