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back-rooms, with long-haired visionaries assailing the social order, then the East Side of the early eighties has gone down before the mad rush of settlement workers, impertinent reformers, sociological cranks, self-advertising politicians, billionaire socialists, and the reporters.  To-day the sentimental traveller ’feels a heart-pang to see the order, the cleanliness, the wide streets, the playgrounds, the big boulevards, the absence of indigence that have spoiled the most interesting part of New York City.’  But apparently this is only a first impression; for Mr. Huneker had no trouble in discovering in one cafe a patriarchal figure quite of the type beloved of the local- color hunters of twenty years ago, a prophet, though speaking a modern language and concerned with things of the day.  So that we owe to Mr. Huneker the discovery of a notable truth, namely, that Bohemia is not only a creation of the sentimental memory, but, being psychological, may be located in clean and prosperous quarters.  The tendency has always been to place it in a golden age, but a tattered and unswept age.  Bohemia is now shown to exist amidst model tenements and sanitary drinking-cups.”

Ivory apes and Peacocks
With frontispiece portrait of Dostoievsky
12mo. $1.50 net

NEW COSMOPOLIS 12mo. $1.50 net

The pathos of distance
A Book of a Thousand and One Moments
12mo. $2.00 net

PROMENADES of an IMPRESSIONIST 12mo. $1.50 net

“We like best such sober essays as those which analyze for us the technical contributions of Cezanne and Rodin.  Here Mr. Huneker is a real interpreter, and here his long experience of men and ways in art counts for much.  Charming, in the lighter vein, are such appreciations as the Monticelli, and Chardin.”

     —­Frank Jewett Mather, Jr., in New York Nation and Evening

A Book of Supermen
Stendhal, Baudelaire, flaubert, Anatole France, huysmans, BARRES,
hello, Blake, Nietzsche, Ibsen, and Max STIRNER
With Portrait and Facsimile Reproductions 12mo. $1.50 net

A Book of Dramatists
12mo. $1.50 net

Contents:  Henrik Ibsen—­August Strindberg—­Henry Becque—­ Gerhart Hauptmann—­Paul Hervieu—­The Quintessence of Shaw—­ Maxim Gorky’s Nachtasyl—­Hermann Sudermann—­Princess Mathilde’s Play—­Duse and D’Annunzio—­Villiers de l’Isle Adam- -Maurice Maeterlinck.

  “His style is a little jerky, but it is one of those rare
  styles in which we are led to expect some significance, if not
  wit, in every sentence.”

     —­G.  K. Chesterton, in London Daily News.

A Book of Temperaments
with frontispiece portrait Of Richard Strauss
12mo. $1.50 net

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