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  Also recollections in letters and diaries of Moscheles,
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  Mathias, Legouve, Tarnowski, Grenier and others.

The author begs to acknowledge the kind suggestions and assistance of Rafael Joseffy, Vladimir de Pachmann, Moriz Rosenthal, Jaraslow de Zielinski, Edwin W. Morse, Edward E. Ziegler and Ignace Jan Paderewski.


What Maeterlinck wrote: 

Maurice Maeterlinck wrote thus of James Huneker:  “Do you know that ‘Iconoclasts’ is the only book of high and universal critical worth that we have had for years—­to be precise, since Georg Brandes.  It is at once strong and fine, supple and firm, indulgent and sure.”

The Evening Post of June 10, 1915, wrote of Mr. Huneker’s “The New Cosmopolis”: 

“The region of Bohemia, Mr. James Huneker found long ago, is within us.  At twenty, he says, he discovered that there is no such enchanted spot as the Latin Quarter, but that every generation sets back the mythical land into the golden age of the Commune, or of 1848, or the days of ‘Hernani.’  It is the same with New York’s East Side, ‘the fabulous East Side,’ as Mr. Huneker calls it in his collection of international urban studies, ‘The New Cosmopolis.’  If one judged externals by grime, by poverty, by sanded
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