Chopin : the Man and His Music eBook

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  Frederic Chopin as a Man and Musician, by Frederick Niecks. 
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  Life and Letters of Frederic Chopin, by Moritz Karasowski,
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  Charles Scribner’s Sons.

  The Works of Frederic Chopin and their Proper Interpretation,
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  Chopin’s Greater Works, by Jean Kleczynski, translated with
  additions by Natalie Janotha.  New York, Charles Scribner’s

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  F. Chopin, la Tradicion de su Musica, por Eduardo Gariel.  City
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  Chopin, in Robert Schumann’s Music and Musicians, translated
  by Fanny Raymond Ritter.  New York, Schuberth & Co.

  Chopin, in Anton Rubinstein’s Conversation on Music,
  translated by Mrs. John P. Morgan.  Steinway Hall:  Charles F.
  Tretbar, publisher.

  Les Musiciens Polonais, par Albert Sowinski.  Paris, Le Clerc.

  Les Trois Romans de Frederic Chopin, par le Comte Wodinski. 
  Paris, Calman Levy.

  Une Contemporaine, par M. Brault.

  Histoire de ma Vie et Correspondance, par George Sand.  Paris,
  Calman Levy.

  George Sand, by Henry James in French Poets and Novelists.  New
  York, Macmillan Co.

  G. Sand, par Stefane-Pol, from Trois Grandes Figures, preface
  by D’Armand Silvestre.  Paris, Ernest Flammarian.

  George Sand, sa Vie et ses OEuvres, par Wladimir Kardnine. 
  Paris, Ollendorf.

  Deux Eleves de Chopin, par Adolphe Brisson.

  The Beautiful in Music, by Dr. Eduard Hanslick.  Translated by
  Gustave Cohen.  Novello, Ewer & Co., London and New York.

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