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19.  Longford House. — Lord Colraine. (Engraved by Thacker.  Quære, my Lord Colraine, if he hath the plate or a copie.)

20.  The Duke of Beauford’s house at Amesbury. — His Grace.

21.  Tocknam Parke House. — E. of Alesbury.

22.  Funthill House. — Mr. Cottington.

23.  Charlton House. — Earle of Barkshire.

24.  Lavington House and Garden. — Earle of Abingdon.

25.  Mr. Hall’s house at Bradford. — J. Hall, Esq.

26.  Lidyard-Tregoze House and Scite. — Sir Walter St. John.

27.  Sir John Wyld’s House at Compton Basset. — Sir Jo.  Wyld.

28.  Ramesbury House. — Sir Wm. Jones, Attorney-General.

        Housesof lesser note.

29.  Edington House. — ....  Lewis, Esq.

30.  Sir Jo.  Evelyn’s House at Deane. — Earle of Kingston.

31.  Dracot-Cerne House. — Sir James Long, Baronet.

32.  Cosham House. — ....  Kent, Esq.

33.  Lakham House. — ....  Montague, Esq.

34.  Cadnam House. — Sir George Hungerford.

The Mannour House of Kington St. Michael. — ....  Laford.

The Mannour House at .....- Sir Henry Coker.

Gretenham House. — George Ayliff, Esq.


1.  From Newnton (Mr. Poole’s garden-house) is an admirable prospect.  It takes in Malmesbury, &c. and terminates with the blew hills of Salisbury plaines.  ’Tis the best in Wiltshire.- Madam Estcourt, or Earle of Kent.

2.  From Colern Tower, or Marsfield downe, eastwards; which takes in Bradstock Priory, several steeples and parkes, and extends to Salisbury plaine. — D. of Beauford, or Marq. of Worcester.

3.  From the garret at Easton Piers, a delicate prospect. — J. Aubrey.

4.  From Bradstock Priory, over the rich green tuff-taffety vale to Cyrencester, Malmesbury, Marsfield, Colern, Mendip-hills; and Coteswold bounds the north horizon. — Earle of Abingdon.

5.  From Bowdon Lodge, a noble prospect of the north part of Wilts. — Hen.  Baynton, Esq.

6.  From Spy Park, westward. — Hen.  Baynton, Esq.

7.  From Westbury Hill to the vale below, northward. — Lord Norris.

8.  From the south downe of the farme of Broad Chalke one sees over Vernditch, Merton, and the New Forest, to the sea; and all the Isle of Wight, and to Portland. — J. Aubrey. (Memorandum.  A quarter of a mile or lesse from hence is Knighton Ashes, which is a sea marke, which came into this prospect.  The Needles, at the west end of the Isle of Wight, beare from it south and by east; but try its bearings exactly.)

9.  From Knoll Hill, a vast prospect every way. — The Lord Weymouth.

10.  From Cricklade Tower, a lovely vernall prospect. — Sir George Hungerford, or Sir Stephen Fox. (This prospect is over the rich green country to Marston-Mazy, Down-Ampney, Cyrencester, Minchinghampton, and Coteswold.)

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