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John Aubrey
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        “Thus wind i’th Hypochondries pent,
        Proves but a blast, if downwards sent;
        But if it upward chance to flie
        Becomes new light and prophecy."-HUDIBRAS.

[The work above referred to bears the following title:  “The Wiltshire
Rant, or a Narrative of the Prophane Actings and Evil Speakings of
Thomas Webbe, Minister of Langley Burrell, &c.  By Edward Stokes. “4to. 
Lond. 1652.-J.  B.]

The Norfolk aire is cleare and fine.  Indigente, good clear witts, subtile, and the most litigious of England:  they carry Littleton’s Tenures at the plough taile.  Sir Thorn.  Browne, M. D., of Norwich, told me that their eies in that countrey doe quickly decay; which he imputes to the clearness and driness (subtileness) of the aire.  Wormwood growes the most plentifully there of any part of England; which the London apothecaries doe send for.

Memorandum.-That North Wiltshire is very worme-woodish and more litigious than South Wilts,

[A Table of Contents, or List of the Chapters, is prefixed to each Part, or Volume, of the Manuscript, as follows:-]


1.  Air.

2.  Springs Medicinall.

3.  Rivers.

4.  Soiles.

5.  Mineralls and Fossills.

6.  Stones.

7.  Formed Stones.

8.  An Hypothesis of the Terraqueous Globe:  a digression “ad mentem M{emo}ri”, R. Hook, R.S.S.

9.  Plants.

10.  Beastes.

11.  Fishes.

12.  Birds.

13.  Insects and Reptils.

14.  Men and Woemen.

15.  Diseases and Cures.

16.  Observations on some Register Books, as also the Poore Rates and
    Taxes of the County, “ad mentem D{omi}ni” W. Petty.


1.  Worthies.

2.  The Grandure of the Herberts, Earles of Pembroke.  Wilton House and Garden.

3.  Learned Men who received Pensions from the Earles of Pembroke.

4.  Gardens — Lavington-garden, Chelsey-garden, &c.

5.  Arts — Inventions.

6.  Architecture.

7.  Agriculture and Improvements.

8.  The Downes — Sheep — Shepherds — Pastoralls.

9.  Wool.

10.  Falling of Rents.

11.  History of Cloathing

12.  Eminent Cloathiers of this County.

13.  Faires and Marketts

14.  Hawks and Hawking.

15.  The Race.

16.  Number of Attorneys in this Countie now and heretofore.

17.  Locall Fatality.

18.  Accidents.

19.  Seates

20.  Draughts of the Seates and Prospects [an Appendix].

Memorandum.  Anno 1686, ætatis 60.- Mr. David Loggan, the Graver, drew my picture in black and white, in order to be engraved, which is still in his hands.

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