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John Aubrey
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CHAP.  I. AIR:-Winds, Mists, Storms, Meteors, Echos, Sounds

Chap.  II.  Springs medicinal :- At Chippenham, Kington St. Michael,
Draycot, Seend, Epsom, Melksham, Dundery-hill, Lavington, Devizes,
Minety, Wotton Bassett, &c.; Sir W. Petty’s “Queries for the Tryall of
Minerall Waters”

Chap.  III.  Rivers :- Wily, North Avon, Upper Avon, Nadder, Stour, Deverill, Kennet, Marden, Thames, &c.; Proposal for a Canal to connect the Thames and North Avon.

Chap.  IV.  Soils :- Clay, Marl, Fuller’s Earth, Chalk, Gravel, Sand; Downs, Fairy-rings, Becket’s Path at Winterbourn, Peat, Spontaneous Vegetation, Hills

Chap.  V. Minerals and fossils :- Iron, Silver, Copperas, Umber, Spar, Lead, Coal.

Chap.  VI.  Stones :- Of Haselbury, Chilmark, and Swindon; Lime, Chalk, Pebbles, Flints; the Grey Wethers

Chap.  VII.  Formed stones :- Belemnites, Madrepores, Oysters,
Astroites, Cornua Ammonia, Echini, &c.

Chap.  VIII.  An hypothesis of the terraqueous globe :-Learned
Speculations on the structure of the Earth.

Chap.  IX.  Plants :- Herbs, Orcheston Knot-grass, Alhanna, Tobacco,
Oak, Elm, Beech, Hazel, Yew, Box, Holly, Osiers, Elders, Ash,
Glastonbury Thorn, &c.

Chap.  X. Beasts :- Deer, Hares, Rabbits, Dogs, Cattle

Chap.  XI.  Fishes :- Trout, Eels, Umbers or Grayling, Carp, Tench,
Salmon; Fish-ponds, &c.

Chap.  XII.  Birds :- Larks, Woodpeckers, Bustards, Crows, Pheasants,
Hawks, Sea-gulls, &c.

Chap.  XIII.  Reptiles and insects :- Snakes, Adders, Toads, Snails,
Bees; Recipe to make Metheglyn

Chap.  XIV.  Men and women:- Longevity, Remarkable Births, &c..

Chap.  XV.  Diseases and cures :- Leprosy, the Plague, Gout, Ricketts,
Pin-and-Web, &c.

Chap.  XVI.  Observations on parish registers :- Population, Poor
Rates, Periodical Diseases


Chap.  I. Worthies :- Princes, Saints, Prelates, Statesmen, Writers,
Musicians; John Aubrey, Captain Thomas Stump

Chap.  II.  The grandeur of the Herberts, Earls of Pembroke:-
Description of Wilton.  House; Pictures, Library, Armoury, Gardens,
Stables ; the Earl’s Hounds and Hawks, Tilting at Wilton, &c.

Chap.  III.  Learned men who had pensions granted to them by the Earls
of Pembroke:- With Notices of Mary, Countess of Pembroke,
Dr. Mouffet, William Browne, Philip Massinger, J. Donne, &c.

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