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Triton, a demi god of the sea, son of Poseidon (Neptune) and

Troezen, Greek city of Argolis


Trojanova, New Troy, City founded in Britain (See Brutus, and

Trophonius, oracle of, in Boeotia

Troubadours, poets and minstrels of Provence, in Southern France

TROUVERS’, poets and minstrels of Northern France

Troy, city in Asia Minor, ruled by King Priam, whose son, Paris, stole away Helen, wife of Menelaus the Greek, resulting in the Trojan War and the destruction of Troy

Troy, fall of

Turnus, chief of the Rutulianes in Italy, unsuccessful rival of
Aeneas for Lavinia

Turpin, Archbishop of Rheims

Turquine, Sir, a great knight, foe of Arthur, slain by Sir

Typhon, one of the giants who attacked the gods, were defeated, and imprisoned under Mt.  Aetna

Tyr, Norse god of battles

Tyre, Phoenician city governed by Dido


Tyrrheus, herdsman of King Turnus in Italy, the slaying of whose daughter’s stag aroused war upon Aeneas and his companions


Uberto, son of Galafron

Ulysses (Greek, Odysseus), hero of the Odyssey

Unicorn, fabled animal with a single horn

Urania, one of the Muses, a daughter of Zeus by Mnemosyne

Urdur, one of the Norns or Fates of Scandinavia, representing the

Usk, British river

Utgard, abode of the giant Utgard Loki

Utgard LO’KI, King of the Giants (See Skrymir)

Uther (Uther Pendragon), king of Britain and father of Arthur,

Uwaine, knight of Arthur’s court


Vaissyas, Hindu caste of agriculturists and traders

Valhalla, hall of Odin, heavenly residence of slain heroes

Valkyrie, armed and mounted warlike virgins, daughters of the gods (Norse), Odin’s messengers, who select slain heroes for Valhalla and serve them at their feasts

Ve, brother of Odin

Vedas, Hindu sacred Scriptures

Venedotia, ancient name for North Wales

Venus (Aphrodite), goddess of beauty

Venus de Medici, famous antique statue in Uffizi Gallery,
Florence, Italy

Verdandi, the Present, one of the Norns

Vertumnus, god of the changing seasons, whose varied appearances won the love of Pomona

Vesta, daughter of Cronos and Rhea, goddess of the homefire, or hearth

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