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Thomas Bulfinch
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Semiramis, with Ninus the mythical founder of the Assyrian empire of Nineveh

Senapus, King of Abyssinia, who entertained Astolpho

Serapis, or Hermes, Egyptian divinity of Tartarus and of medicine

Serfs, slaves of the land

Seriphus, island in the Aegean Sea, one of the Cyclades

Serpent (Northern constellation)

Sestos, dwelling of Hero (which See also Leander)

Seven against Thebes,” famous Greek expedition

Severn river, in England

Sevinus, Duke of Guienne


Shatriya, Hindu warrior caste

Sherasmin, French chevalier

Sibyl, prophetess of Cumae

Sichaeus, husband of Dido

SEIGE perilous, the chair of purity at Arthur’s Round Table, fatal to any but him who was destined to achieve the quest of the Sangreal (See Galahad)

Siegfried, young King of the Netherlands, husband of Kriemhild, she boasted to Brunhild that Siegfried had aided Gunther to beat her in athletic contests, thus winning her as wife, and Brunhild, in anger, employed Hagan to murder Siegfried.  As hero of Wagner’s “Valkyrie,” he wins the Nibelungen treasure ring, loves and deserts Brunhild, and is slain by Hagan

Sieglinda, wife of Hunding, mother of Siegfried by Siegmund

Siegmund, father of Siegfried

Sigtryg, Prince, betrothed of King Alef’s daughter, aided by

Siguna, wife of Loki

Silenus, a Satyr, school master of Bacchus

Silures (South Wales)

Silvia, daughter of Latin shepherd

Silvius, grandson of Aeneas, accidentally killed in the chase by his son Brutus

Simonides, an early poet of Greece

Sinon, a Greek spy, who persuaded the Trojans to take the Wooden
Horse into their city

Sirens, sea nymphs, whose singing charmed mariners to leap into the sea, passing their island, Ulysses stopped the ears of his sailors with wax, and had himself bound to the mast so that he could hear but not yield to their music

Sirius, the dog of Orion, changed to the Dog star

Sisyphus, condemned in Tartarus to perpetually roll up hill a big rock which, when the top was reached, rolled down again

Siva, the Destroyer, third person of the Hindu triad of gods

Skalds, Norse bards and poets

Skidbladnir, Freyr’s ship

Skirnir, Frey’s messenger, who won the god’s magic sword by getting him Gerda for his wife

Skrymir, a giant, Utgard Loki in disguise, who fooled Thor in athletic feats

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