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Thomas Bulfinch
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Ryence, king in Ireland


Sabra, maiden for whom Severn River was named, daughter of Locrine and Estrildis thrown into river Severn by Locrine’s wife, transformed to a river nymph, poetically named Sabrina

Sacripant, king of Circassia

Saffire, Sir, knight of Arthur

Sagas, Norse tales of heroism, composed by the Skalds

Sagramour, knight of Arthur

St. Michael’s mount, precipitous pointed rock hill on the coast of
Brittany, opposite Cornwall

Sakyasinha, the Lion, epithet applied to Buddha

Salamander, a lizard like animal, fabled to be able to live in fire

Salamis, Grecian city

Salmoneus, son of Aeolus and Enarete and brother of Sisyphus

Salomon, king of Brittany, at Charlemagne’s court

SAMHIN, or “fire of peace,” a Druidical festival

Samian sage (Pythagoras)

Samos, island in the Aegean Sea

Samothracian gods, a group of agricultural divinities, worshipped in Samothrace

Samson, Hebrew hero, thought by some to be original of Hercules

San Greal (See Graal, the Holy)

Sappho, Greek poetess, who leaped into the sea from promontory of
Leucadia in disappointed love for Phaon

Saracens, followers of Mahomet

Sarpedon, son of Jupiter and Europa, killed by Patroclus

Saturn (Cronos)

Saturnalia, a annual festival held by Romans in honor of Saturn

Saturnia, an ancient name of Italy

Satyrs, male divinities of the forest, half man, half goat

Scaliger, famous German scholar of 16th century

Scandinavia, mythology of, giving account of Northern gods, heroes, etc

Scheria, mythical island, abode of the Phaeacians

Schrimnir, the boar, cooked nightly for the heroes of Valhalla becoming whole every morning

Scio, one of the island cities claiming to be Homer’s birthplace

Scopas, King of Thessaly

Scorpion, constellation

Scylla, sea nymph beloved by Glaucus, but changed by jealous Circe to a monster and finally to a dangerous rock on the Sicilian coast, facing the whirlpool Charybdis, many mariners being wrecked between the two, also, daughter of King Nisus of Megara, who loved Minos, besieging her father’s city, but he disliked her disloyalty and drowned her, also, a fair virgin of Sicily, friend of sea nymph Galatea

Scyros, where Theseus was slain

Scythia, country lying north of Euxine Sea

Semele, daughter of Cadmus and, by Jupiter, mother of Bacchus

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