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Thomas Bulfinch
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Perceval, a great knight of Arthur

Perdix, inventor of saw and compasses

Periander, King of Corinuh, friend of Arion

Periphetes, son of Vulcan, killed by Theseus

Persephone, goddess of vegetation, 8 See Pioserpine

Perseus, son of Jupiter and Danae, slayer of the Gorgon Medusa, deliverer of Andromeda from a sea monster, 116 122, 124, 202

Phaeacians, people who entertained Ulysses

Phaedra, faithless and cruel wife of Theseus

Phaethusa, sister of Phaeton, 244

Phaeton, son of Phoebus, who dared attempt to drive his father’s sun chariot

Phantasos, a son of Somnus, bringing strange images to sleeping men

Phaon, beloved by Sappho

Phelot, knight of Wales

Pheredin, friend of Tristram, unhappy lover of Isoude

Phidias, famous Greek sculptor

Philemon, husband of Baucis

Philoctetes, warrior who lighted the fatal pyre of Hercules

PHILOE, burial place of Osiris

Phineus, betrothed to Andromeda

Phlegethon, fiery river of Hades


Phoebe, one of the sisters of Phaeton

Phoebus (Apollo), god of music, prophecy, and archery, the sun god

Phoenix, a messenger to Achilles, also, a miraculous bird dying in fire by its own act and springing up alive from its own ashes

Phorbas, a companion of Aeneas, whose form was assumed by Neptune in luring Palinuras the helmsman from his roost

Phryxus, brother of Helle

Pinabel, knight

Pillars of Hercules, two mountains—­Calpe, now the Rock of Gibraltar, southwest corner of Spain in Europe, and Abyla, facing it in Africa across the strait

Pindar, famous Greek poet

Pindus, Grecian mountain

Pirene, celebrated fountain at Corinth

Pirithous, king of the Lapithae in Thessaly, and friend of
Theseus, husband of Hippodamia

Pleasure, daughter of Cupid and Psyche

Pleiades, seven of Diana’s nymphs, changed into stars, one being lost

Plenty, the Horn of

Plexippus, brother of Althea

Pliny, Roman naturalist

Pluto, the same as Hades, Dis, etc. god of the Infernal Regions

Plutus, god of wealth

Po, Italian river


Polites, youngest son of Priam of Troy

Pollux, Castor and (Dioscuri, the Twins) (See Castor)

Polydectes, king of Seriphus

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