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Thomas Bulfinch
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Mino TAUR, monster killed by Theseus

Mistletoe, fatal to Baldur

Mnemosyne, one of the Muses

Modesty, statue to

Modred, nephew of King Arthur

Moly, plant, powerful against sorcery

Momus, a deity whose delight was to jeer bitterly at gods and men

Monad, the “unit” of Pythagoras

Monsters, unnatural beings, evilly disposed to men

Montalban, Rinaldo’s castle

Month, the, attendant upon the Sun

Moon, goddess of, see Diana

Moraunt, knight, an Irish champion

Morgana, enchantress, the Lady of the Lake in “Orlando Furioso,” same as Morgane Le Fay in tales of Arthur

Morgane le Fay, Queen of Norway, King Arthur’s sister, an enchantress

Morgan Tud, Arthur’s chief physician

Morpheus, son of Sleep and god of dreams

Morte D’ARTHUr, romance, by Sir Thomas Mallory

Mulciber, Latin name of Vulcan

Mull, Island of

Munin, one of Odin’s two ravens

Musaeus, sacred poet, son of Orpheus

Muses, The, nine goddesses presiding over poetry, etc—­Calliope, epic poetry, Clio, history, Erato, love poetry, Euterpe, lyric poetry; Melpomene, tragedy, Polyhymnia, oratory and sacred song Terpsichore, choral song and dance, Thalia, comedy and idyls, Urania, astronomy

Muspelheim, the fire world of the Norsemen

MYCENAS, ancient Grecian city, of which Agamemnon was king

Myrddin (Merlin)

Myrmidons, bold soldiers of Achilles

Mysia, Greek district on northwest coast of Asia Minor

Mythology, origin of, collected myths, describing gods of early peoples


Naiads, water nymphs

Namo, Duke of Bavaria, one of Charlemagne’s knights

Nanna, wife of Baldur

Nanters, British king

Nantes, site of Caradoc’s castle

Nape, a dog of Diana

Narcissus, who died of unsatisfied love for his own image in the water

Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous, who befriended Ulysses

Nausithous, king of Phaeacians

Naxos, Island of

Negus, King of Abyssinia

Nemea, forest devastated by a lion killed by Hercules

Nemean games, held in honor of Jupiter and Hercules

Nemean lion, killed by Hercules

Nemesis, goddess of vengeance

Nennius, British combatant of Caesar

Neoptolemus, son of Achilles

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