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Thomas Bulfinch
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Francus, son of Histion, grandson of Japhet, great grandson of
Noah, legendary ancestor of the Franks, or French

Freki, one of Odin’s two wolves

Frey, or Freyr, god of the sun

Freya, Norse goddess of music, spring, and flowers

Fricka, goddess of marriage

Frigga, goddess who presided over smiling nature, sending sunshine, rain, and harvest

Froh, one of the Norse gods

FRONTI’NO, Rogero’s horse

Furies (Erinnyes), the three retributive spirits who punished crime, represented as snaky haired old woman, named Alecto, Megaeira, and Tisiphone

Fusberta, Rinaldo’s sword


Gaea, or Ge, called Tellus by the Romans, the personification of the earth, described as the first being that sprang fiom Chaos, and gave birth to Uranus (Heaven) and Pontus (Sea)

Gahariet, knight of Arthur’s court

Gaheris, knight

Galafron, King of Cathay, father of Angelica

Galahad, Sir, the pure knight of Arthur’s Round Table, who safely took the Siege Perilous (which See)

Galatea, a Nereid or sea nymph

Galatea, statue carved and beloved by Pygmalion

Galen, Greek physician and philosophical writer

GALLEHANT, King of the Marches

Games, national athletic contests in Greece—­Olympian, at Olympia,
Pythian, near Delphi, seat of Apollo’s oracle, Isthmian, on the
Corinthian Isthmus, Nemean, at Nemea in Argolis

Gan, treacherous Duke of Maganza

Ganelon of Mayence, one of Charlemagne’s knights

Ganges, river in India

Gano, a peer of Charlemagne

Ganymede, the most beautiful of all mortals, carried off to Olympus that he might fill the cup of Zeus and live among the immortal gods

Gareth, Arthur’s knight

Gaudisso, Sultan

Gaul, ancient France

Gautama, Prince, the Buddha

Gawain, Arthur’s knight

Gawl, son of Clud, suitor for Rhiannon

Gemini (See Castor), constellation created by Jupiter from the twin brothers after death, 158

Genghis Khan, Tartar conqueror

Genius, in Roman belief, the protective Spirit of each individual man, See Juno

Geoffrey of MON’MOUTH, translator into Latin of the Welsh History of the Kings of Britain (1150)

Geraint, a knight of King Arthur

Gerda, wife of Frey

Geri, one of Odin’s two wolves

Geryon, a three bodied monster

Gesnes, navigator sent for Isoude the Fair

Giallar horn, the trumpet that Heimdal will blow at the judgment day

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