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Thomas Bulfinch
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“It will be easy for me to compass this, although thou mayest think it will not be easy.”

“Though thou get this, there is yet that which thou wilt not get—­ the sword of Gwernach the Giant; of his own free will he will not give it, and thou wilt never be able to compel him.”

“It will be easy for me to compass this, although thou mayest think it will not be easy.”

“Though thou get this, there is yet that which thou wilt not get.  Difficulties shalt thou meet with, and nights without sleep, in seeking this, and if thou obtain it not, neither shalt thou obtain my daughter.”

“Horses shall I have, and chivalry; and my lord and kinsman, Arthur, will obtain for me all these things.  And I shall gain thy daughter, and thou shalt lose thy life.”

“Go forward.  And thou shalt not be chargeable for food or raiment for my daughter while thou art seeking these things; and when thou hast compassed all these marvels, thou shalt have my daughter for thy wife.”


Kilwich and Olwen (Continued)

All that day they journeyed until the evening, and then they beheld a vast castle, which was the largest in the world.  And lo! a black man, larger than three of the men of this world, came out from the castle.  And they spoke unto him, and said, “O man, whose castle is that?” “Stupid are ye, truly, O men!  There is no one in the world that does not know that this is the castle of Gwernach the Giant.”  “What treatment is there for guests and strangers that alight in that castle?” “O chieftain, Heaven protect thee!  No guests ever returned thence alive, and no one may enter therein unless he brings with him his craft.”

Then they proceeded towards the gate.  Said Gurhyr Gwalstat, “Is there a porter?” “There is; wherefore dost thou call?” “Open the gate.”  “I will not open it.”  “Wherefore wilt thou not?” “The knife is in the meat, and the drink is in the horn, and there is revelry in the hall of Gwernach the Giant; and except for a craftsman who brings his craft, the gate will not be opened to-night.”  “Verily, porter,” then said Kay, “my craft bring I with me.”  “What is thy craft?” “The best burnisher of swords am I in the world.”  “I will go and tell this unto Gwernach the Giant, and I will bring thee an answer.”

So the porter went in, and Gwernach said to him, “Hast thou news from the gate?” “I have.  There is a party at the door of the gate who desire to come in.”  “Didst thou inquire of them if they possessed any art?” “I did inquire,” said he, “and one told me that he was well skilled in the burnishing of swords.”  “We have need of him then.  For some time have I sought for some one to polish my sword, and could find no one.  Let this man enter, since he brings with him his craft.”

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