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Venedotia, ancient name for North Wales

Venus (Aphrodite), goddess of beauty

Venus de Medici, famous antique statue in Uffizi Gallery,
Florence, Italy

Verdandi, the Present, one of the Norns

Vertumnus, god of the changing seasons, whose varied appearances won the love of Pomona

Vesta, daughter of Cronos and Rhea, goddess of the homefire, or hearth

VESTALS, virgin priestesses in temple of Vesta

Vesuvius, Mount, volcano near Naples

Villains, peasants in the feudal scheme

VIGRID, final battle-field, with destruction of the gods ind their enemies, the sun, the earth, and time itself

VILI, brother of Odin and Ve

Virgil, celebrated Latin poet (See Aeneid)

Virgo, constellation of the Virgin, representing Astraea, goddess of innocence and purity

Vishnu, the Preserver, second of the three chief Hindu gods

Viviane, lady of magical powers, who allured the sage Merlin and imprisoned him in an enchanted wood

VOLSCENS, Rutulian troop leader who killed Nisus and Euryalus

Volsung, A saga, an Icelandic poem, giving about the same legends as the Nibelungen Lied

Vortigern, usurping King of Britain, defeated by Pendragon 390, 397

Vulcan (Greek, Haephestus), god of fire and metal working, with forges under Aetna, husband of Venus

VYA’SA, Hindu sage


Wain, the, constellation

Wellgunda, one of the Rhine-daughters





Woden, chief god in the Norse mythology, Anglo Saxon for Odin

Woglinda, one of the Rhine-daughters

Woman, creation of

Wooden horse, the, filled with armed men, but left outside of Troy as a pretended offering to Minerva when the Greeks feigned to sail away, accepted by the Trojans (See Sinon, and Laocoon), brought into the city, and at night emptied of the hidden Greek soldiers, who destroyed the town


Wotan, Old High German form of Odin


Xanthus, river of Asia Minor


Yama, Hindu god of the Infernal Regions


YGDRASIL, great ash-tree, supposed by Norse mythology to support the universe

Ymir, giant, slain by Odin

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