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Sirius, the dog of Orion, changed to the Dog star

Sisyphus, condemned in Tartarus to perpetually roll up hill a big rock which, when the top was reached, rolled down again

Siva, the Destroyer, third person of the Hindu triad of gods

Skalds, Norse bards and poets

SKIDBLADNIR, Freyr’s ship

SKIRNIR, Frey’s messenger, who won the god’s magic sword by getting him Gerda for his wife

Skrymir, a giant, Utgard Loki in disguise, who fooled Thor in athletic feats

Skuld, the Norn of the Future

Sleep, twin brother of Death

SLEIPNIR, Odin’s horse

Sobrino, councillor to Agramant

Somnus, child of Nox, twin brother of Mors, god of sleep

Sophocles, Greek tragic dramatist

South wind See Notus

SPAR’TA, capital of Lacedaemon

Sphinx, a monster, waylaying the road to Thebes and propounding riddles to all passers, on pain of death, for wrong guessing, who killed herself in rage when Aedipus guessed aright


Stonehenge, circle of huge upright stones, fabled to be sepulchre of Pendragon

STROPHIUS, father of Pylades

Stygian realm, Hades

Stygian sleep, escaped from the beauty box sent from Hades to Venus by hand of Psyche, who curiously opened the box and was plunged into unconsciousness

Styx, river, bordering Hades, to be crossed by all the dead

SUDRAS, Hindu laboring caste

SURTUR, leader of giants against the gods in the day of their destruction (Norse mythology)

SURYA, Hindu god of the sun, corresponding to the Greek Helios

SUTRI, Orlando’s birthplace

SVADILFARI, giant’s horse


Sybaris, Greek city in Southern Italy, famed for luxury

Sylvanus, Latin divinity identified with Pan

SYMPLEGADES, floating rocks passed by the Argonauts

Syrinx, nymph, pursued by Pan, but escaping by being changed to a bunch of reeds (See Pandean pipes)


Tacitus, Roman historian

TAENARUS, Greek entrance to lower regions

Tagus, river in Spain and Portugal

Taliesin, Welsh bard

TANAIS, ancient name of river Don

Tantalus, wicked king, punished in Hades by standing in water that retired when he would drink, under fruit trees that withdrew when he would eat

TARCHON, Etruscan chief

Tarentum, Italian city

Tarpeian rock, in Rome, from which condemned criminals were hurled

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