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PURANAS, Hindu Scriptures

Pwyll, Prince of Dyved

Pygmalion, sculptor in love with a statue he had made, brought to life by Venus, brother of Queen Dido

Pygmies, nation of dwarfs, at war with the Cranes

Pylades, son of Straphius, friend of Orestes

Pyramus, who loved Thisbe, next door neighbor, and, their parents opposing, they talked through cracks in the house wall, agreeing to meet in the near by woods, where Pyramus, finding a bloody veil and thinking Thisbe slain, killed himself, and she, seeing his body, killed herself (Burlesqued in Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”)

Pyrrha, wife of Deucalion

Pyrrhus (Neoptolemus), son of Achilles

Pythagoras, Greek philosopher (540 BC), who thought numbers to be the essence and principle of all things, and taught transmigration of souls of the dead into new life as human or animal beings

Pythia, priestess of Apollo at Delphi



Python, serpent springing from Deluge slum, destroyed by Apollo


Quirinus (from quiris, a lance or spear), a war god, said to be
Romulus, founder of Rome


RABICAN, noted horse

RAGNAROK, the twilight (or ending) of the gods

RAJPUTS, minor Hindu caste

Regan, daughter of Leir

REGILLUS, lake in Latium, noted for battle fought near by between the Romans and the Latins

Reggio, family from which Rogero sprang

Remus, brother of Romulus, founder of Rome

Rhadamanthus, son of Jupiter and Europa after his death one of the judges in the lower world

Rhapsodist, professional reciter of poems among the Greeks

Rhea, female Titan, wife of Saturn (Cronos), mother of the chief gods, worshipped in Greece and Rome

Rhine, river

Rhine maidens, or daughters, three water nymphs, Flosshilda, Woglinda, and Wellgunda, set to guard the Nibelungen Hoard, buried in the Rhine

Rhodes, one of the seven cities claiming to be Homer’s birthplace

Rhodope, mountain in Thrace

Rhongomyant, Arthur’s lance

RHOECUS, a youth, beloved by a Dryad, but who brushed away a bee sent by her to call him to her, and she punished him with blindness

Rhiannon, wife of Pwyll

Rinaldo, one of the bravest knights of Charlemagne

River ocean, flowing around the earth

Robert de Beauvais’, Norman poet (1257)

Robin hood, famous outlaw in English legend, about time of Richard
Coeur de Lion

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