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Thomas Bulfinch
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Law, See Themis

Leander, a youth of Abydos, who, swimming the Hellespont to see
Hero, his love, was drowned

LEBADEA, site of the oracle of Trophomus

LEBYNTHOS, Aegean island

Leda, Queen of Sparta, wooed by Jupiter in the form of a swan

Leir, mythical King of Britain, original of Shakespeare’s Lear

LELAPS, dog of Cephalus

Lemnos, large island in the Aegean Sea, sacred to Vulcan

Lemures, the spectres or spirits of the dead

Leo, Roman emperor, Greek prince

Lethe, river of Hades, drinking whose water caused forgetfulness

Leucadia, a promontory, whence Sappho, disappointed in love, was said to have thrown herself into the sea

Leucothea, a sea goddess, invoked by sailors for protection (See

Lewis, son of Charlemagne

Liber, ancient god of fruitfulness

LIBETHRA, burial place of Orpheus

Libya, Greek name for continent of Africa in general

Libyan desert, in Africa


Lichas, who brought the shirt of Nessus to Hercules

Limours, Earl of

Linus, musical instructor of Hercules

Lionel, knight of the Round Table

Llyr, King of Britain

Locrine, son of Brutus in Albion, king of Central England

Loegria, kingdom of (England)

LOGESTILLA, a wise lady, who entertained Rogero and his friends

LOGI, who vanquished Loki in an eating contest

Loki, the Satan of Norse mythology, son of the giant Farbanti

Lot, King, a rebel chief, subdued by King Arthur, then a loyal knight

Lotis, a nymph, changed to a lotus-plant and in that form plucked by Dryope

Lotus eaters, soothed to indolence, companions of Ulysses landing among them lost all memory of home and had to be dragged away before they would continue their voyage

Love (Eros) issued from egg of Night, and with arrows and torch produced life and joy

Lucan, one of Arthur’s knights

Lucius Tiberius, Roman procurator in Britain demanding tribute from Arthur

Lud, British king, whose capital was called Lud’s Town (London)

Ludgate, city gate where Lud was buried, 387

Luned, maiden who guided Owain to the Lady of the Fountain

LYCAHAS, a turbulent sailor

Lycaon, son of Priam

Lycia, a district in Southern Asia Minor

LYCOMODES, king of the Dolopians, who treacherously slew Theseus

Lycus, usurping King of Thebes

Lynceus, one of the sons of Aegyptus

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