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Thomas Bulfinch
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Juggernaut, Hindu deity

Juno, the particular guardian spirit of each woman (See Genius)

Juno, wife of Jupiter, queen of the gods

Jupiter, JOVIS pater, father Jove, Jupiter and Jove used interchangeably, at Dodona, statue of the Olympian

Jupiter Ammon (See Ammon)

Jupiter CAPITOLINUS, temple of, preserving the Sibylline books

Justice, See Themis


Kadyriath, advises King Arthur

Kai, son of Kyner

KALKI, tenth avatar of Vishnu

Kay, Arthur’s steward and a knight

KEDALION, guide of Orion

Kerman, desert of

Kicva, daughter of Gwynn Gloy

Kilwich, son of Kilydd

Kilydd, son of Prince Kelyddon, of Wales

KNEPH, spirit or breath

Knights, training and life of

Kriemhild, wife of Siegfried

Krishna, eighth avatar of Vishnu, Hindu deity of fertility in nature and mankind

Kyner, father of Kav

Kynon, son of Clydno


Labyrinth, the enclosed maze of passageways where roamed the
Minotaur of Crete, killed by Theseus with aid of Ariadne

Lachesis, one of the Fates (which See)

Lady of the fountain, tale told by Kynon

Laertes, father of Ulysses

LAESTRYGONIANS, savages attacking Ulysses

Laius, King of Thebes

Lama, holy man of Thibet

LAMPETIA, daughter of Hyperion LAOC’OON, a priest of Neptune, in Troy, who warned the Trojans against the Wooden Horse (which See), but when two serpents came out of the sea and strangled him and his two sons, the people listened to the Greek spy Sinon, and brought the fatal Horse into the town

LAODAMIA, daughter of Acastus and wife of Protesilaus

Laodegan, King of Carmalide, helped by Arthur and Merlin

Laomedon, King of Troy

Lapithae, Thessalonians, whose king had invited the Centaurs to his daughter’s wedding but who attacked them for offering violence to the bride

Lares, household deities

Larkspur, flower from the blood of Ajax

Latinus, ruler of Latium, where Aeneas landed in Italy

LATMOS, Mount, where Diana fell in love with Endymion

Latona, mother of Apollo

Launcelot, the most famous knight of the Round Table

LAUSUS, son of Mezentius, killed by Aeneas

Lavinia, daughter of Latinus and wife of Aeneas

LAVINIUM, Italian city named for Lavinia

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