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Iliad, epic poem of the Trojan War, by Homer

Ilioheus, a son of Niobe

Ilium see Troy

Illyria, Adriatic countries north of Greece

Imogen, daughter of Pandrasus, wife of Trojan Brutus

Inachus, son of Oceanus and Tethys, and father of Phoroneus and Io, also first king of Argos, and said to have given his name to the river Inachus

Incubus, an evil spirit, supposed to lie upon persons in their sleep

Indra, Hindu god of heaven, thunder, lightning, storm and rain

Ino, wife of Athamas, fleeing from whom with infant son she sprang into the sea and was changed to Leucothea

Io, changed to a heifer by Jupiter

IOBATES, King of Lycia

IOLAUS, servant of Hercules

Iole, sister of Dryope

Iona, or Icolmkill, a small northern island near Scotland, where
St Columba founded a missionary monastery (563 ad)

Ionia, coast of Asia Minor

Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon, offered as a sacrifice but carried away by Diana

Iphis, died for love of Anaxarete, 78

IPHITAS, friend of Hercules, killed by him

Iris, goddess of the rainbow, messenger of Juno and Zeus

Ironside, Arthur’s knight

Isabella, daughter of king of Galicia

Isis, wife of Osiris, described as the giver of death


Ismarus, first stop of Ulysses, returning from Trojan War
ISME’NOS, a son of Niobe, slain by Apollo

ISOLIER, friend of Rinaldo

Isoude the fair, beloved of Tristram

Isoude of the white hands, married to Tristram

Isthmian games, See games

Ithaca, home of Ulysses and Penelope

Iulus, son of Aeneas

IVO, Saracen king, befriending Rinaldo

Ixion, once a sovereign of Thessaly, sentenced in Tartarus to be lashed with serpents to a wheel which a strong wind drove continually around


Janiculum, Roman fortress on the Janiculus, a hill on the other side of the Tiber

Janus, a deity from the earliest times held in high estimation by the Romans, temple of

Japhet (Iapetus)

Jason, leader of the Argonauts, seeking the Golden Fleece

Joseph of arimathea, who bore the Holy Graal to Europe

Jotunheim, home of the giants in Northern mythology

Jove (Zeus), chief god of Roman and Grecian mythology, See Jupiter

Joyous Garde, residence of Sir Launcelot of the Lake

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