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(790) The Duc do Brissac was at this time commandant-general of Louis the Sixteenth’s constitutional guard.  In the following year he was denounced; and in the early days of September put to death at Versailles, for his attachment to his unfortunate sovereign.-E.

(791) The Duc de Nivernois, who, at this time, was employed about the person of Louis the Sixteenth, was denounced by the infamous Chaumette, and Cast into prison in September 1793; where he remained till 1796.  He died in 1798.-E.

(792) In Mr. Wilberforce’s Diary of the 22d of December, there is the following entry:—­“Hastings’s impeachment question.  Pitt’s astonishing speech.  This was almost the finest speech he ever delivered:  it was one which you would say at once he never could have made if he had not been a mathematician.  He put things by as he proceeded and then returned to the very point from which he had started, with the most astonishing clearness.  He had all the lawyers against him, but carried a majority of the House, mainly by the force of this speech.  It pleased Burke exceedingly.  ‘Sir,’ he said, ’the right honourable gentleman and I have often been opposed to one another, but his speech tonight has neutralized my opposition; nay, Sir, he has dulcified me.’ " Life, vol. i. p. 286.-E.

(793) Louisa Maximiliana de Stolberg Goedern, wife of the Pretender.  After the death of Charles Edward in 1788, she travelled in Italy and France, and lived with her favourite, the celebrated Alfieri, to whom she is stated to have been privately married.  She continued to reside at Paris, until the progress of the revolution compelled her to take refuge in England.-E.

(794) Lady Anne Rawdon, sister to the first Marquis of Hastings.

Letter 380 To Miss Berry.  Berkeley Square, May 26, 1791. (page 500)

I am rich in letters from you:  I received that by Lord Elgin’s courier first, as you expected, and its elder the next day.  You tell me mine entertain you; tant mieux.  It is my wish, but my wonder; for I live so little in the world, that I do not know the present generation by sight:  for, though I pass by them in the streets, the hats with valences, the folds above the chin of the ladies, and the dirty shirts and shaggy hair of the young men, who have levelled nobility almost as much as the mobility in France have, have confounded all individuality.  Besides, if I did go to public places and assemblies, which my going to roost earlier prevents, the bats and owls do not begin to fly abroad till far in the night, when they begin to see and be seen.  However, one of the empresses of fashion, the Duchess of Gordon, uses fifteen or sixteen hours of her four-and-twenty.  I heard her journal of last Monday.  She first went to Handel’s music in the Abbey; she then clambered over the benches, and went to Hastings’s trial in the Hall; after dinner to the play; then to

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