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(759) The Queen and the Prince of Wales.

(760) The Marquis of Salisbury.

\(761) Eldest daughter of John Duke of Argyle.

(762) Elizabeth Cary, wife of Lord Amherst, at this time commander-in-chief.

Letter 375 To Miss Berry.  Strawberry Hill, Sunday night, April 3, 1791. (page 488)

Oh! what a shocking accident!  Oh! how I detest your going abroad more than I have done yet in my crossest mood!  You escaped the storm on the 10th of October, that gave me such an alarm; you passed unhurt through the cannibals of France and their republic of larrons and poissardes, who terrified me sufficiently; but I never expected that you would dash yourself to pieces at Pisa!(763) You say I love truth, and that you have told me the exact truth:  but how can fear believe!

How I hate a party of pleasure!  It never turns out well:  fools fall out, and sensible People fall down!  Still I thank you a million of’ times for writing yourself.  If Miss Agnes had written for you, I confess I should have been ten times more alarmed than I am; and yet I am alarmed enough.

Not to torment you more with my fears, when I hope you are almost recovered, I will answer the rest of your letter.  General O’Hara I have unluckily not met yet.  He is so dispersed, and I am so confined in my resorts and so seldom dine from home, that I have not seen him, even at General Conway’s.  When I do, can you imagine that we shall not talk of you two—­yes; and your accident, I am. sure, will be the chief topic.  As our fleets are to dethrone Catherine Petruchia, O’Hara will probably not be sent to Siberia.  Apropos to Catherine and Petruchio.  I supped with their representatives, Kemble and Mrs. Siddons, t’other night at Miss Farren’s:  the Hothams(764) were there too, and Mrs. Anderson,(765) who treated the players with acting as many characters as ever they did, particularly Gunnilda and Lady Clackmannan.(766) Mrs. Siddons is leaner, but looks well:  she has played Jane Shore and Desdemona, and is to play in the Gamester; all the parts she will act this year.  Kemble, they say, shone in Othello.

Mrs. Damer has been received at Elvas with all military honours, and a banquet, by order of Mello, formerly ambassador here.  It was handsome in him, but must have distressed her, who is so void of ostentation and love of show.  Miss Boyle,(767) who no more than Miss Pulteney,(768) has let herself be snapped up by lovers of her fortune, is going to Italy for a year with Lord and Lady Malden.(769)

Berkeley Square, Monday after dinner.

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