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(265) John Ives the antiquary, author of “Remarks upon the Garianonum of the Romans the Site and Remains fixed and described."-E.

(266) Tom Martin of Palgrave, the well known antiquary, whose “History of Thetford"was published in 1779, by Gough, who has prefixed to it a Biographical Sketch of the Author.-E.

Letter 119 To The Rev. Mr. Cole.  February 27, 1777. (page 165)

You see, dear Sir, that we thought on each other just at the same moment; but, as usual, you was thinking of obliging me, and I, of giving you trouble.  You have fully satisfied me of the Connexion between the Lancastrian Princes and St. Edmondsbury.  Edmondson, I conclude, will be able to find out the proprietor of the arms, impaling Walrond.

I am well acquainted with Sir A. Weldon(267) and the Aulicus Coquinanae,(268) and will return them with Mr. Ives’s tracts, which I intend to buy at the sale of his books.  Tell me how I may convey them to you most safely.  You say, “Till I show an inclination to borrow more of your MSS.”  I hope you do not think my appetite for that loan is in the least diminished.  I should at all minutes, and ever, be glad to peruse them all—­but I was not sure you wished to send them to me, though you deny me nothing—­and my own fear of their coming to any mischance made me very modest about asking for them—­but now, whenever you can send me any of them with perfect security, I eagerly and impudently ask to see them:  you cannot oblige me more, I assure you.

I am sorry Dr. E * * n is got into such a dirty scrape.  There is scarce any decent medium observed at present between wasting fortunes and fabricating them—­and both by any disreputable manner; for, as to saving money by prudent economy, the method is too slow in proportion to consumptions:  even forgery, alas!(269 seems to be the counterpart or restorative of the ruin by gaming.  I hope at least that robbery on the highway will go out of fashion as too piddling a profession for gentlemen.

I enclose a card for your friends, but must advertise them that March is in every respect a wrong month for seeing Strawberry.  It not only wants its leaves and beauty then, but most of the small pictures and curiosities, which are taken down and packed up in winter, are not restored to their places till the weather is fine and I am more there.  Unless they are confined in time, your friends had much better wait till May-but, however, they will be very welcome to go when they please.  I am more personally interested in hoping to See you there this summer—­you must visit my new tower.  Diminutive as it is, it adds much to the antique air of the whole in both fronts.  You know I shall sympathize with your gout, and you are always master of your own hours.

(267) Sir Anthony Weldon was the author of “The Court and Character of King James; written and taken by Sir A. W., being an eye and ear witness.”  London, 1650.  A work which has been pronounced, by competent authority, " a despicable tissue of filth and obscenity, of falsehood and malignity."-E.

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