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“Mr Moylan probably meant about the agency,” observed Daly.

Barry looked considerably puzzled, and turned to the attorney for assistance.  “He manes,” continued Daly, “that he and the Kellys are good friends, and it wouldn’t be any convenience to him just to say anything that wouldn’t be pleasing to them, unless we could make him independent of them:—­isn’t that about the long and the short of it, Mr Moylan?”

“Indepindent of the Kellys, is it, Mr Daly?—­Faix, thin, I’m teetotally indepindent of them this minute, and mane to continue so, glory be to God.  Oh, I’m not afeard to tell the thruth agin ere a Kelly in Galway or Roscommon—­and, av’ that was all, I don’t see why I need have come here this day.  When I’m called upon in the rigular way, and has a rigular question put me before the Jury, either at Sessions or ’Sizes, you’ll find I’ll not be bothered for an answer, and, av’ that’s all, I b’lieve I may be going,”—­and he made a movement towards the door.

“Just as you please, Mr Moylan,” said Daly; “and you may be sure that you’ll not be long without an opportunity of showing how free you are with your answers.  But, as a friend, I tell you you’ll be wrong to lave this room till you’ve had a little more talk with Mr Lynch and myself.  I believe I mentioned to you Mr Lynch was looking out for someone to act as agent over his portion of the Dunmore property?”

Barry looked as black as thunder, but he said nothing.

“You war, Mr Daly.  Av’ I could accommodate Mr Lynch, I’m shure I’d be happy to undhertake the business.”

“I believe, Mr Lynch,” said Daly, turning to the other, “I may go so far as to promise Mr Moylan the agency of the whole property, provided Miss Lynch is induced to quit the house of the Kellys?  Of course, Mr Moylan, you can see that as long as Miss Lynch is in a position of unfortunate hostility to her brother, the same agent could not act for both; but I think my client is inclined to put his property under your management, providing his sister returns to her own home.  I believe I’m stating your wishes, Mr Lynch.”

“Manage it your own way,” said Barry, “for I don’t see what you’re doing.  If this man can do anything for me, why, I suppose I must pay him for it; and if so, your plan’s as good a way of paying him as another.”

The attorney raised his hat with his hand, and scratched his head:  he was afraid that Moylan would have again gone off in a pet at Lynch’s brutality, but the old man sat quite quiet.  He wouldn’t have much minded what was said to him, as long as he secured the agency.

“You see, Mr Moylan,” continued Daly, “you can have the agency.  Five per cent. upon the rents is what my client—­”

“No, Daly—­Five per cent.!—­I’m shot if I do!” exclaimed Barry.

“I’m gething twenty-five pounds per annum from Miss Anty, for her half, and I wouldn’t think of collecting the other for less,” declared Moylan.

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