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so and maybe it ain’t, because Tamson is such an awful liar you can’t depend on nothing she says.  Zach says if an eel tried to follow one of Tamson’s yarns he would get his backboan in such a snarl it would choak him to death.  And Zach says he calculates Maryetter will take little Cherry Blossom in silent partener.  Zach comes over to see me sometimes nights after supper and we set in the kitchen and talk and talk about you and Mr. Galusha mostly, but about Lulie and Nelse and Captain Jeth, too, and about everybody else we happen to run afoul of or that comes handy.  Zach is real good company, although he does call me Posy and Pink and Geranyum and dear land knows what and keeps his talk agoing so nobody else can’t scarcely get a word in between breaths.  He says tell you that he will keep a weather eye on me and see that I didn’t get the lockjor nor swallow my mouthorgan nor nothing.  I tell him nobody could get lockjor where he was on account of watching how he keeps his own jor agoing.  He means well but he is kind of ignorant Zach is.  Speaking of weather reminds me that the northeast gale we had last week blowed the trellis off the back part of the house and ripped the gutter off the starboard side of the barn.  I had Jim Fletcher put it on again and he charged me three dollars, the old skin.  I ain’t paid him yet and he can whisle for his money till he whisles one dollar off the bill anyhow.  There, Mrs. Martha, I have got to stop.  Luce is around screeching and carrying on for his dinner till you would think he hadent had anything for a month instead of only since breakfast.  I will write again pretty soon.  Lots of love to you and Mr. Bangs and do tell me when you go to ride on a camel.  That would be some sight, I will say, and Zach he says so, too, but he bets you can do it if you set out to and so do I. Anyhow, you can if Mr. Galusha skippers the cruise because that man can do anything.  And to think that I used to calculate he had the dropsy or was a undertaker or a plain fool or something.  Well, you can’t never tell by a person’s looks, can you, Mrs. Martha.  Zach says so, too.

Yours truly,

Primrose cash.

P.S.  Have you seen Mr. Bangs dig up any mummies yet?  How he can do it and keep out of jale, my saving soul, I don’t know.  To say nothing of maybe catching whatever it was they died of.

P.S.  Won’t you please try and see if you can’t have a tintype took when you ride the camel and send me one?

(Extracts from a letter from Mr. Galusha Bangs to Mr. Augustus Cabot.)

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