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happened to him for, of course, I don’t know whether he was seasick or not, though I presume likely, for I always am, no matter if it’s carm as a milpond, but anyhow they never found his body, poor soul.  I presume likely you want to hear the news from around here at East Wellmouth.  Well, there ain’t none, but I will try and tell all there is that I can think of.  The hens are well and Lucy Larkum is fine and dandy and appytite, my savin’ soul.  I tell him he will eat me out of house and home, though I realize it ain’t neither of them mine, but yours, Mrs. Martha.  Captain Jethro is doing fine.  For a spell after the seants where your husband made a fool out of Maryetter Hoag and Raish Pulcifer to thank the Lord, he was reel kind of feeble and Lulie and me and Zach was worried.  But he is swell now and all hands is talking about his making up with Nelse Howard and agreeing for him and Lulie to get married and live over to the Radyo stashun pretty soon I presume likely, for the weding is to be held in June so Zach says.  At first go off, Captain Jeth he calculated maybe he would heave up, I mean his job tending light, and go live along with them, but after he got feeling better he said he wouldent but would stick to the ship and keep on the course long as he could stay aflote.  That’s what Zach says he said and I tell you I am mity glad, because if I was Lulie and Nelse I wouldent want anybody even if it was my own father coming to live along with me and bossing things, because Captain Jeth couldent no more stop bossing than he could stop pulling his whiskers and he won’t never stop that long as he ain’t parulised.  So he will live here along with Zach and them two will tend light and Lulie can come over and see her pa every little spell and they can telyfone back and forth between times.  And she and Nelse have been up to Boston to pick out fernichure and ain’t they enjoying it, my lord of isryel.  Lulie is about as loony over getting married as ever I see anybody unless it was you and Mr. Bangs, Mrs. Martha.  I seen Raish Pulcifer down street yesterday and he said give you his love when I wrote.  I told him I guessed likely you could get along without any special love of his and he said never mind I could keep it myself then.  I told him I could get along without it a considerable sight bettern I could with it.  He is as sassy and fresh as ever and more so to on account of Mr. Cabot paying him so much money for his stock.  And the new hotel is going to be bilt over on the land by the Crick and all hands says it’s going to be the best in the state.  Raish has got a whole new rigout of clothes and goes struting around as if everything was due to his smartness.  Zach says Raish Pulcifer is running for the job of first mate to the Allmighty but he don’t hardly calculate he will be elected.  Maryetter Hoag is going to heave up speritulism so Tamson Black told me she heard and going to help in a millunary store over to Onset next summer.  Maybe it’s
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