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Which clanged along the mountain’s marble brow—­
Warped into adamantine fretwork, hung
And filled with frozen light the chasms below.

Vexed by the blast, the great pines groaned and swung 270 Under their load of [snow]—­ ... ...  Such as the eagle sees, when he dives down From the gray deserts of wide air, [beheld] 275 [Prince] Athanase; and o’er his mien (?) was thrown

The shadow of that scene, field after field,
Purple and dim and wide...


Thou art the wine whose drunkenness is all
We can desire, O Love! and happy souls, 280
Ere from thy vine the leaves of autumn fall,

Catch thee, and feed from their o’erflowing bowls
Thousands who thirst for thine ambrosial dew;—­
Thou art the radiance which where ocean rolls

Investeth it; and when the heavens are blue 285
Thou fillest them; and when the earth is fair
The shadow of thy moving wings imbue

Its deserts and its mountains, till they wear
Beauty like some light robe;—­thou ever soarest
Among the towers of men, and as soft air 290

In spring, which moves the unawakened forest,
Clothing with leaves its branches bare and bleak,
Thou floatest among men; and aye implorest

That which from thee they should implore:—­the weak
Alone kneel to thee, offering up the hearts 295
The strong have broken—­yet where shall any seek

A garment whom thou clothest not? the darts
Of the keen winter storm, barbed with frost,
Which, from the everlasting snow that parts

The Alps from Heaven, pierce some traveller lost 300
In the wide waved interminable snow


Yes, often when the eyes are cold and dry,
And the lips calm, the Spirit weeps within
Tears bitterer than the blood of agony 305

Trembling in drops on the discoloured skin
Of those who love their kind and therefore perish
In ghastly torture—­a sweet medicine

Of peace and sleep are tears, and quietly
Them soothe from whose uplifted eyes they fall 310


Her hair was brown, her sphered eyes were brown,
And in their dark and liquid moisture swam,
Like the dim orb of the eclipsed moon;

Yet when the spirit flashed beneath, there came 315
The light from them, as when tears of delight
Double the western planet’s serene flame.

NOTES:  19 strange edition 1839; deep edition 1824. 74 feed an Bodleian manuscript; feed on editions 1824, 1839.

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