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“I see no better way to give a call to the mate, Miss Rose, than to throw some of this dry weed, and some of this lumber on the fire,” said Jack, after he had rummaged about the place sufficiently to become master of its condition.  “There is plenty of amunition, and here goes for a broadside.”

Jack had no great difficulty in effecting his object.  In a few minutes he succeeded in obtaining a flame, and then he fed it with such fragments of the brands and boards as were best adapted to his purpose.  The flames extended gradually, and by the time Tier had dragged the topgallant-yard over the pile, and placed several planks, on their edges, alongside of it, the whole was ready to burst into a blaze.  The light was shed athwart the rock for a long distance, and the whole place, which was lately so gloomy and obscure, now became gay, under the bright radiance of a blazing fire.

“There is a beacon-light that might almost be seen on board!” said Jack, exulting in his success.  If the mate is anywhere in this latitude, he will soon turn up.”

“I see nothing of him,” answered Rose, in a melancholy voice.  “Surely, surely, Jack, he cannot have left the rock just as we have come to rescue him!”

Rose and her companion had turned their faces from the fire to look in an opposite direction in quest of him they sought.  Unseen by them, a human form advanced swiftly toward the fire, from a point on its other side.  It advanced nearer, then hesitated, afterward rushed forward with a tread that caused the two to turn, and at the next moment, Rose was clasped to the heart of Mulford.


  I might have pass’d that lovely cheek,
  Nor, perchance, my heart have left me;
  But the sensitive blush that came trembling there,
  Of my heart it for ever bereft me. 
  Who could blame had I loved that face,
  Ere my eyes could twice explore her;
  Yet it is for the fairy intelligence there,
  And her warm, warm heart I adore her.


The stories of the respective parties who had thus so strangely met on that barren and isolated rock, were soon told.  Harry confirmed all of Jack’s statements as to his own proceedings, and Rose had little more to say than to add how much her own affections had led her to risk in his behalf.  In a word, ten minutes made each fully acquainted with the other’s movements.  Then Tier considerately retired to the boat, under the pretence of minding it, and seeing everything ready for a departure, but as much to allow the lovers the ten or fifteen minutes of uninterrupted discourse that they now enjoyed, as for any other reason.

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