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Our mate heard his own heart beat, as he became satisfied of the actual condition of the wreck, and of the physical certainty that existed of its sinking, at least to the point last mentioned, ere the sun came to throw his glories over the last view that the sufferers would be permitted to take of the face of day.  It appeared to him that no time was to be lost.  There lay the dim and shapeless object that seemed to be the boat, distant, as he thought, about a mile.  It would not have been visible at all but for the perfect smoothness of the sea, and the low position occupied by the observer.  At times it did disappear altogether, when it would rise again, as if undulating in the ground-swell.  This last circumstance, more than any other, persuaded Harry that it was not a rock, but some floating object that he beheld.  Thus encouraged, he delayed no longer.  Every moment was precious, and all might be lost by indecision.  He did not like the appearance of deserting his companions, but, should he fail, the motive would appear in the act.  Should he fail, every one would alike soon be beyond the reach of censure, and in a state of being that would do full justice to all.

Harry threw off most of his clothes, reserving only his shirt and a pair of light summer trowsers.  He could not quit the wreck, however, without taking a sort of leave of Rose.  On no account would he awake her, for he appreciated the agony she would feel during the period of his struggles.  Kneeling at her side, he made a short prayer, then pressed his lips to her warm cheek, and left her.  Rose murmured his name at that instant, but it was as the innocent and young betray their secrets in their slumbers.  Neither of the party awoke.

It was a moment to prove the heart of man, that in which Harry Mulford, in the darkness of midnight, alone, unsustained by any encouraging eye, or approving voice, with no other aid than his own stout arm, and the unknown designs of a mysterious Providence, committed his form to the sea.  For an instant he paused, after he had waded down on the wreck to a spot where the water already mounted to his breast, but it was not in misgivings.  He calculated the chances, and made an intelligent use of such assistance as could be had.  There had been no sharks near the wreck that day, but a splash in the water might bring them back again in a crowd.  They were probably prowling over the reef, near at hand.  The mate used great care, therefore, to make no noise.  There was the distant object, and he set it by a bright star, that wanted about an hour before it would sink beneath the horizon.  That star was his beacon, and muttering a few words in earnest prayer, the young man threw his body forward, and left the wreck, swimming lightly but with vigour.

Jack tier.


  The night has been unruly:  where we lay,
  Our chimneys were blown down:  and, as they say,
  Lamentings heard i’ the air; strange screams of death;
  And prophesying, with accents terrible,
  Of dire combustion, and confused events,
  New hatched to the woful time.

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