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(663) This scandal has been immortalized by Junius.-C.

(664) At Wakefield Lodge, in Whittlebury Forest, Northamptonshire.-E.

(665) Lord William, brother of General Conway’s lady, and third brother of the fifth Duke of Argyle; his wife was Sarah, daughter of W. Teard, Esq. of Charleston.-E.

(666) Father of the city, which he had represented in six parliaments.  He had been a very leading member of the House of Commons, and was much deferred to on all matters of commerce.-C.

(667) See ant`e, p. 272, letter 188.

(668) Maria Catherine de Jonge, a Dutch Lady, widow of William Godolphin, Marquis of Blandford, and sister of Isabella Countess of Denbigh; they were near neighbours and intimate acquaintances of Mr. Walpole’s.@.

Letter 221 To The Right Hon. William Pitt.(669) Arlington Street, Aug. 29, 1764. (page 343)

Sir, As you have always permitted me to offer you the trifles printed at my press, I am glad to have one to send you of a little more consequence than some in which I have had myself too great a share.  The singularity of the work I now trouble you with is greater merit than its rarity; though there are but two hundred copies, of which only half are mine.(670) If it amuses an hour or two of your idle time, I am overpaid.  My greatest ambition is to pay that respect which every Englishman owes to your character and services; and therefore you must not wonder if an inconsiderable man seizes every opportunity, however awkwardly, of assuring you, Sir, that he is Your most devoted, etc.

(669) Now first collected.

(670) The Life of Lord Herbert of Cherbury.  See ant`e, p. 329, letter 214.-E.

Letter 222 To The Rev. Mr. Cole.  Strawberry Hill, Aug. 29, 1764. (page 343)

Dear sir, Among the multitude of my papers I have mislaid, though not lost, the account you was so good as to give me of your ancestor Toer, as a painter.  I have been hunting for it to insert it in the new edition of my Anecdotes.  It is not very reasonable to save myself trouble at the expense of yours; but perhaps you can much sooner turn to your notes, than I find your letter.  Will you be so good as to send me soon all the particulars you recollect of him.  I have a print of Sir Lionel Jenkins from his painting.

I did not send you any more orange flowers, as you desired; for the continued rains rotted all the latter blow:  but I had made a vast potpourri, from whence you shall have as much as you please, when I have the pleasure of seeing you here, which I should be glad might be in the beginning of October, if it suits your convenience.  At the same time you shall have a print of Lord Herbert, which I think I did not send you.

P. S. I trust you will bring me a volume or two of your MSS. of which I am most thirsty.

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