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The new peers, I don’t know their rank, scarce their titles, are Lord Wentworth and Sir William Courtenay, Viscounts; Lord Egmont, Lord Milton, Vernon of Sudbury, old Foxiane, Sir Edward Montagu, Barons; and Lady Caroline Fox, a Baroness; the Duke of Newcastle is created Lord Pelham, with an entail to Tommy Pelham; and Lord Brudenel is called to the House of lords, as Lord Montagu.  The Duchess of Manchester was to have had the peerage alone, and wanted the latter title:  her sister, very impertinently, I think, as being the younger, objected and wished her husband Marquis of Monthermer.  This difference has been adjusted, by making Sir Edward Montagu Lord Beaulieu, and giving the title of the family to Lord Brudenel.  With pardon of your Cu-blood, I hold, that Lord Cardigan makes a very trumpery figure by so meanly relinquishing all Brudenelhood.  Adieu! let me know soon when you will keep your Strawberry tide.

P. S. Lord Anson is in a very bad way;(229) and Mr. Fox, I think, in not a much better.

(228) Sister of the Earl of Halifax.

(229) His lordship, who was at this time first lord of the admiralty, died on the 6th of June.-E.

Letter 123 To George Montagu, Esq.  Arlington Street, May 14, 1762. (page 181)

It is very hard, when you can plunge over head and ears in Irish claret, and not have even your heel vulnerable by the gout, that such a Pythagorean as I am should yet be subject to it!  It is not two years since I had it last, and here am I with My foot again upon cushions.  But I will not complain; the pain is trifling, and does little more than prevent my frisking about.  If I can bear the motion of the chariot, I shall drive to Strawberry tomorrow, for I had rather only look at verdure and hear my nightingales from the bow-window, than receive visits and listen to news.  I can give you no certain satisfaction relative to the viceroy, your cousin.  It is universally said that he has no mind to return to his dominions, and pretty much believed that he will succeed to Lord Egremont’s seals, who will not detain them long from whoever is to be his successor.

I am sorry you have lost another Montagu, the Duke of Manchester.(230) Your cousin Guilford is among the competitors for chamberlain to the Queen.  The Duke of Chandos, Lord Northumberland, and even the Duke of Kingston, are named as other candidates; but surely they will not turn the latter loose into another chamber of maids of honour!  Lord Cantelupe has asked to rise from vice-chamberlain, but met with little encouragement.  It is odd, that there are now seventeen English and Scotch dukes unmarried, and but seven out of twenty-seven have the garter.  It is comfortable to me to have a prospect of seeing Mr. Conway soon; the ruling part of the administration are disposed to recall our troops front Germany.  In the mean time our officers and their wives are embarked for Portugal-what must Europe think of us when we make wars and assemblies all over the world?

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