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The King’s marriage was kept the profoundest secret till last Wednesday, when the privy council was extraordinarily summoned, and it was notified to them.  Since that, the new Queen’s mother is dead, and will delay it a few days; but Lord Harcourt is to sail on the 27th, and the coronation will certainly be on the 22d of September.  All that I know fixed is, Lord Harcourt master of the horse, the Duke of Manchester chamberlain, and Mr. Stone treasurer.  Lists there are in abundance; I don’t know the authentic:  those most talked of, are Lady Bute groom of the stole, the Duchesses of Hamilton and Ancaster, Lady Northumberland, Bolingbroke, Weymouth, Scarborough, Abergavenny, Effingham, for ladies; you may choose any six of them you please; the four first are most probable.  Misses Henry Beauclerc, M. Howe, Meadows, Wrottesley, Bishop, etc. etc.  Choose your maids too.  Bedchainber women, Mrs. Bloodworth, Robert Brudenel, Charlotte Dives, Lady Erskine; in short, I repeat a mere newspaper.

We expect the final answer of France this week.  Bussy(169) was in great pain on the fireworks for quebec, lest he should be obliged to illuminate his house:  you see I ransack my memory for something to tell you.

Adieu!  I have more reason to be angry than you had; but I am not so hasty:  you are of a violent, impetuous, jealous temper—­I, cool, sedate, reasonable.  I believe I must subscribe my name, or you will not know me by this description.

(169) The Abb`e de Bussy, sent here with overtures of peace.  Mr. Stanley was at the same time sent to Paris.

Letter 82 To George Montagu, Esq.  Strawberry Hill, Friday night, July 16, 1761. (page 133)

I did not notify the King’s marriage to you yesterday, because I knew you would learn as much by the evening post as I could tell you.  The solemn manner of summoning the council was very extraordinary:  people little imagined, that the urgent and important business in the rescript was to acquaint them that his Majesty was going to * * * * * * * *.  All I can tell you of truth is, that Lord Harcourt goes to fetch the Princess, and comes back her master of the horse.  She is to be here in August, and the coronation certainly on the 22d of September.  Think of the joy the women feel; there is not a Scotch peer in the fleet that might not marry the greatest fortune in England between this and the 22d of September.  However, the ceremony will lose its two brightest luminaries, my niece Waldegrave for beauty, and the Duchess of Grafton for figure.  The first will be lying-in, the latter at Geneva; but I think she will come, if she walks to It as well as at it.  I cannot recollect but Lady Kildare and Lady Pembroke of great beauties.  Mrs. Bloodworth and Mrs. Robert Brudenel, bedchamber women, Miss Wrottesley and Miss Meadows, maids of honour, go to receive the Princess at Helvoet; what lady I do not hear.  Your cousin’s

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