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i.e.  Some skates can swim.

|       |       |
|    ---|---    |
|   | 0 | 0 |   |
32.  |---|---|---|---|        -------
|   | 1 |   |   |       |   |   |
|    ---|---    |       |---|---|
|       |       |       | 1 |   |
---------------         -------

Let “people” be Universe; m="passionate”;
x="reasonable”; y="orators”.

All m are x’; &there4 Some y are x’. 
Some y are m.

i.e.  Some orators are unreasonable.

[See remarks on No. 7, p. 60.]


Hit or Miss.

         “Thou canst not hit it, hit it, hit it,
          Thou canst not hit it, my good man.”


1.  Pain is wearisome; No pain is eagerly wished for.

2.  No bald person needs a hair-brush; No lizards have hair.

3.  All thoughtless people do mischief; No thoughtful person forgets a promise.

4.  I do not like John; Some of my friends like John.

5.  No potatoes are pine-apples; All pine-apples are nice.

6.  No pins are ambitious; No needles are pins.

7.  All my friends have colds; No one can sing who has a cold.

8.  All these dishes are well-cooked; Some dishes are unwholesome if not well-cooked.

9.  No medicine is nice; Senna is a medicine.

10.  Some oysters are silent; No silent creatures are amusing.

11.  All wise men walk on their feet; All unwise men walk on their hands.

12.  “Mind your own business; This quarrel is no business of yours.”

13.  No bridges are made of sugar; Some bridges are picturesque.

14.  No riddles interest me that can be solved; All these riddles are insoluble.

15.  John is industrious; All industrious people are happy.

16.  No frogs write books; Some people use ink in writing books.

17.  No pokers are soft; All pillows are soft.

18.  No antelope is ungraceful; Graceful animals delight the eye.

19.  Some uncles are ungenerous; All merchants are generous.

20.  No unhappy people chuckle; No happy people groan.

21.  Audible music causes vibration in the air; Inaudible music is not worth paying for.

22.  He gave me five pounds; I was delighted.

23.  No old Jews are fat millers; All my friends are old millers.

24.  Flour is good for food; Oatmeal is a kind of flour.

25.  Some dreams are terrible; No lambs are terrible.

26.  No rich man begs in the street; All who are not rich should keep accounts.

27.  No thieves are honest; Some dishonest people are found out.

28.  All wasps are unfriendly; All puppies are friendly.

29.  All improbable stories are doubted; None of these stories are probable.

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