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Sec. 107.  An Attorney-General shall be elected by the qualified voters of the State at the same time and for the same term as the Governor; and the fact of his election shall be ascertained in the same manner.  He shall be commissioned by the Governor, perform such duties and receive such compensation as may be prescribed by law, and shall be removable in the manner prescribed for the removal of judges.

Sec 108.  The General Assembly shall provide for the appointment or election and for the jurisdiction of such justices of the peace as the public interest may require.

Sec. 109.  The General Assembly shall provide by whom, and in what manner, applications for bail shall be heard and determined.


Organization and government of counties.

Sec. 110.  There shall be elected by the qualified voters of each county, one county treasurer,—­who shall not be elected or serve for more than two consecutive terms, nor act as deputy of his immediate successor; one sheriff, one attorney for the Commonwealth, and one county clerk, who shall be the clerk of the circuit court.  There shall be elected or appointed, for four years, as the General Assembly may provide commissioners of the revenue, for each county, the number, duties and compensation of whom shall be prescribed by law; but should such commissioners of the revenue be chosen by election by the people then they shall be ineligibile for re-election to the office for the next succeeding term.

There shall be appointed for each county, in such manner as may be provided by law, one superintendent of the poor, and one county surveyor.

Sec. 111.  The magisterial districts shall, until changed by law, remain as now constituted:  provided, that hereafter no additional districts shall be made containing less than thirty square miles.  In each district there shall be elected by the qualified voters thereof, one supervisor.  The supervisors of the districts shall constitute the board of supervisors of the county, which shall meet at stated periods and at other times as often as may be necessary, lay the county and district levies, pass upon all claims against the county, subject to such appeal as may be provided by law, and perform such duties as may be required by law.

Sec. 112.  All regular elections for county and district officers shall be held on Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and all of said officers shall enter upon the duties of their offices on the first day of January next succeeding their election, and shall hold their respective offices for the term of four years, except that the county clerk shall hold office for eight years; provided that the term of the clerks first elected under this Constitution shall begin on the first of February, nineteen hundred and four, and end on the first of January, nineteen hundred and twelve.

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