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9.  Refunding money lawfully paid into the treasury of the State or the treasury of any political subdivision thereof.

10.  Granting from the treasury of the State, or granting or authorizing to be granted from the treasury of any political subdivision thereof, any extra compensation to any public officer, servant, agent, or contractor.

11.  For conducting elections or designating the places of voting.

12.  Regulating labor, trade, mining or manufacturing, or the rate of interest on money.

13.  Granting any pension or pensions.

14.  Creating, increasing, or decreasing, or authorizing to be created, increased, or decreased, the salaries, fees, percentages, or allowances of public officers during the term for which they are elected or appointed.

15.  Declaring streams navigable, or authorizing the construction of booms or dams therein, or the removal of obstructions therefrom.

16.  Affecting or regulating fencing or the boundaries of land, or the running at large of stock.

17.  Creating private corporations, or amending, renewing or extending the charters thereof.

18.  Granting to any private corporation, association, or individual any special or exclusive right, privilege or immunity.

19.  Naming or changing the name of any private corporation or association.

20.  Remitting the forfeiture of the charter of any private corporation except upon the condition that such corporation shall thereafter hold its charter subject to the provisions of this Constitution and the laws passed in pursuance thereof.

Sec. 64.  In all the cases enumerated in the last section, and in every other case which, in its judgment, may be provided for by general laws, the General Assembly shall enact general laws.  Any general law shall be subject to amendment or repeal, but the amendment or partial repeal thereof shall not operate directly or indirectly to enact, and shall not have the effect of the enactment of a special, private, or local law.

No general or special law shall surrender or suspend the right and power of the State, or any political subdivision thereof, to tax corporations or corporate property, except as authorized by Article Thirteen.  No private corporation, association, or individual shall be specially exempted from the operation of any general law, nor shall its operation be suspended for the benefit of any private corporation, association, or individual.

Sec. 65, The General Assembly may by general laws, confer upon the boards of supervisors of counties, and the councils of cities and towns, such powers of local and special legislation, as it may from time to time deem expedient, not inconsistent with the limitations contained in this Constitution.

Sec. 66.  The Clerk of the House of Delegates shall be Keeper of the Rolls of the State but shall receive no compensation from the State for his services as such.

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