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A notary, or notary public, is an officer who attests or certifies deeds and other papers, under his official seal.  Statements in writing that require to be attested for business or legal purposes are usually taken to a notary to be signed by him after the party has made oath that the statements are true.

Conductors of railroad trains may arrest any persons who violate the peace on their trains, and keep such persons in custody until they can be given over to the proper authorities for trial.  Railroad depot agents may do the same at their depots, and the masters or captains of steamers may do the same on their vessels while sailing in the waters within the State.  This is what is meant by being conservators of the peace.  Judges have the same power throughout the State, and justices, commissioners in chancery, and notaries within their districts.

School districts.

Each magisterial district is also a school district, for which see under Education, page 99.

School trustees.

One school trustee is appointed annually for each school district; see page 99.

District board of school trustees.

This board is composed of three trustees of the district; for its duties, see page 99.


1.  How many magisterial districts is a county divided into?

2.  For how long is the supervisor elected?

3 What are the duties of a supervisor?

4.  How many justices of the peace are elected for a district?

5 What are the duties of a justice of the peace?

6.  What is a conservator of the peace?

7.  What is an attachment?

8.  For how long is a constable elected?

9.  What are the duties of the constable?

10.  For how long is the overseer of the poor elected?

11.  What remuneration does he receive?

12.  Name some of his duties.

13.  What is a legal settlement?

14.  What is a minor?

15.  Who are conservators of the peace?

16.  What is a notary?

17.  What provisions with regard to schools are mentioned as being made in the magisterial districts?


Government of cities and towns.

A City is an incorporated community containing within well-defined boundaries five thousand or more inhabitants.

A Town is an incorporated community of less than five thousand inhabitants.

A Council includes any body or bodies authorized to make ordinances for the government of a city or town.

An incorporated town or city is a community chartered as a corporation, for explanation of which, see page 14.

Ordinances are laws made by the council of a city or town for managing the public affairs of the city, or town.

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