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17.  What is revenue?

18.  Define Tariff.

19.  What is the code?

20.  What is a misdemeanor?

21.  How long is the term of office of the judge of the Hustings Court of the City of Richmond, and what salary does he receive?

22.  What are the qualifications of the judge of the Hustings Court?

23.  How often are terms of this court held?

24.  What are corporate limits?

25.  What do you understand by prosecutions against convicts in the penitentiary?

26.  What does condemnation of land mean?

27.  What is an assessment?

28.  What does correcting erroneous assessments mean?

29.  For how long does the judge of the Chancery Court of the City of Richmond hold office, and what salary does he receive?

30.  What are the qualifications of the judge of this court?

31.  How often does the court meet?

32.  Mention some classes of cases in which the Chancery Court has jurisdiction.

33.  What does the recordation of wills mean?

34.  What are fiduciaries?

35.  What does docketing of judgments mean?

36.  Define judgment.

37.  What is common law?

38.  For how long does a judge of the Law and Equity Court of the City of Richmond hold office, and what is his salary?

39.  What are the qualifications of a judge of this court?

40.  How often and for how long does the Equity Court sit?

41.  Tell of the jurisdiction of this court.

42.  What does ex parte mean?

43.  What is an ex parte settlement?


Officers of courts.


In all Justices’ Courts, the justices are required to make and preserve their own dockets.  The Clerk of the Court of Appeals is appointed by the court; the Clerks of the Circuit and Corporation Courts are elected by the people of the county or corporation in which the court is held.  They hold office for a term of eight years.  Salary, fees and special allowances.

Duties.  Shall record the proceedings of their respective courts and issue writs in their name; shall be the custodians of all papers lawfully returned to or filed in the Clerk’s office; shall perform such other duties as are imposed upon them by law.

The Tipstaff and Crier are the executive officers of the Court of

For meaning of docket, see under Chancery Court of the City of Richmond.  Dockets here mean entries in a book giving lists of names of persons connected with the cases tried, and particulars of the proceedings in each case.  In justices’ courts such dockets are made and kept by the justice himself.

The clerks of the courts mentioned have no salaries.  They are paid by fees and special allowances.  For example, when a clerk of court makes out a writ or bond or a copy of any court document, he gets a fee for doing it. (See under Secretary of the Commonwealth, page 32.) A special allowance is an allowance (or a grant of money) made by the court for special work done.

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