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24.  What is a guardian?

25.  What is a committee?

26.  Define curator and levy.

27.  What is meant by the constitutionality of a law?

28.  How many judicial circuits are there?

29.  Where must a circuit court judge reside?

30.  Is a circuit court judge permitted to practice law?

31.  What are the salaries of circuit court judges?

32.  What are their qualifications?

33.  What are the terms of circuit courts?

34.  What does a term of court mean?

35.  What is the meaning of the word court?

86.  Name some of the kinds of cases in which the circuit courts have jurisdiction.

37.  What do you understand by original jurisdiction and general jurisdiction?

38.  Define chancery, personal property, and real estate.

39.  What is a criminal case?

40.  What is a writ of error?

41.  What is a supersedeas?

42.  Define quo warranto.

43.  What is a certiorari?

44.  Define trustee and receiver.

45.  What are commissioners in chancery?

46.  What are testamentary cases?

47.  Define testament.

48.  What is an injunction?

49.  What are the powers of the Circuit Court of the City of Richmond?

50.  What is a lawsuit?

51.  What is a cause?

52.  What is a motion?

53.  Define cognizable, party to a suit, plantiff, defendant.


Judiciary department-Continued.

Corporation or Hustings Courts.

Held in each city of the first-class by the city judge.  Judge elected by the General Assembly in joint session for a term of eight years.  Salary, not less than 12,000 $.

Qualifications of a judge.  Same as those of judges of the Supreme
Court of Appeals.

Terms.  Held monthly, except that the July or August term may be omitted.

Jurisdiction.  Within the territorial limits of the city, same as circuit courts have in the counties.  Concurrently with the circuit courts they have jurisdiction over all offences committed in any county within one mile of the corporate limits of the city.

Corporation courts, or city courts, are courts whose jurisdiction lies within corporations or cities, and the judges are called city judges.

There is a corporation court in each city of the first class, and also in all cities of the second class in which it has not been by special election or otherwise merged into the circuit court.  The Hustings Court of the city of Richmond has a peculiar and limited jurisdiction which is explained later in this chapter.

The city judges hold office for eight years.  Their salaries in cities of the first class are fixed or specially provided by law at not less than $2,000, but any city may increase such salary, but such increase shall be paid entirely by the city.

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