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The word circuit means a going round.  A district in which the same judges go round at certain times and hold courts in several places is called a circuit, and the courts so held are called circuit courts.


1.  For how many years and by whom is the governor elected?

2.  Where must the governor reside?

3.  Is the governor eligible for a second term?

4.  What is the governor’s salary?

5.  What is the seat of government?

6.  What qualifications are necessary in a candidate for governor?

7.  Mention some of the powers and duties of the governor.

8.  Why is the governor called the chief executive officer?

9.  What is the governor’s message?

10.  What is the militia?

11.  Define naval forces, invasion, insurrection.

12.  What is a fine?

13.  What is a reprieve?

14.  What are political disabilities?

15.  What is capital punishment?

16.  Define commissions and grants.

17.  What is the veto power?

18.  When does the lieutenant-governor act as governor?

19.  In case of the inability of both the governor and lieutenant-governor, who acts as governor?

20.  How is the lieutenant-governor chosen?

21.  What are the qualifications of the lieutenant-governor?

22.  Does the lieutenant-governor ever vote in the Senate?

23.  What is an equal division?

24.  What is an attorney?

25.  For how long is the attorney-general elected?

26.  What is his salary?

27.  What are his duties?

28.  What are circuit courts?


Executive department—­Continued.

Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Elected.  By the people at the General Election for a term of four years.  Salary, $2,500.

Duties.  Shall keep a record of all executive acts; shall attest the signature of the Governor on all official documents; shall keep the seals of the commonwealth; shall arrange and preserve all records and papers belonging to the Executive Department; shall be charged with the clerical duties of that department, and render the Governor such services as he may require in the dispatch of executive business; shall be general librarian, and have charge of the library fund; shall receive and transmit election returns directed by law to be sent to him, and keep a record of the certified statements and determinations of the Board of State Canvassers; issue certificates of election; collect tax on State seal; keep on file the reports of other departments and make and record a summary of each; record all charters of incorporation; shall make quarterly reports to the Governor.

Commissions are fees or payments for certain work done.  The secretary of the commonwealth may charge fees for making out copies of any public papers or documents kept hi his office, or for issuing commissions (letters of appointment) to certain public officers.  The person who receives the copy or commission must pay the fee.

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