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Miscellaneous provisions.


Sec. 190.  Every householder or head of a family shall be entitled, in addition to the articles now exempt from levy or distress for rent, to hold exempt from levy, seizure, garnishment, or sale under any execution, order, or other process issued on any demand for a debt hereafter contracted, his real and personal property, or either, including money and debts due him, to the value of not exceeding two thousand dollars, to be selected by him:  provided, that such exemption shall not extend to any execution, order, or other process issued on any demand in the following cases: 

First.  For the purchase price of said property, or any part thereof.  If the property purchased, and not paid for, be exchanged for, or converted into, other property by the debtor, such last-named property shall not be exempted from the payment of such unpaid purchase money under the provisions of this article;

Second.  For services rendered by a laboring person or mechanic;

Third.  For liabilities incurred by any public officer, or officer of a court, or any fiduciary, or any attorney-at-law for money collected;

Fourth.  For a lawful claim for any taxes, levies, or assessments accruing after the first day of June, eighteen hundred and sixty-six;

Fifth.  For rent;

Sixth.  For the legal or taxable fees of any public officer or officer of a court.

Sec. 191.  The said exemption shall not be claimed or held in a shifting stock of merchandise, or in any property, the conveyance of which by the homestead claimant has been set aside on the ground of fraud or want of consideration.

Sec. 192.  The General Assembly shall prescribe the manner and the conditions on which a householder or head of a family shall set apart and hold for himself and family a homestead in any of the property hereinbefore mentioned.  But this section shall not be construed as authorizing the General Assembly to defeat or impair the benefits intended to be conferred by the provisions of this article.

Sec. 193.  Nothing contained in this article shall invalidate any homestead exemption heretofore claimed under the provisions of the former Constitution; or impair in any manner the right of any householder or head of a family existing at the time that this Constitution goes into effect, to select the exemption, or any part thereof, to which he was entitled under the former Constitution; provided that such right, if hereafter exercised, be not in conflict with the exemptions set forth in sections One Hundred and Ninety and One Hundred and Ninety-one.  But no person who has selected and received the full exemption allowed by the former Constitution shall be entitled to select

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