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Sec. 152.  There shall be a Commissioner of State Hospitals for the Insane, who shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate, for a term of four years.  He shall be ex-officio chairman of the general and of each of the special boards of directors, and shall be responsible for the proper disbursement of all moneys appropriated or received from any source for the maintenance of such hospitals; he shall cause to be established and maintained at all of the hospitals a uniform system of keeping the records and the accounts of money received and disbursed and of making reports thereof.  He shall perform such other duties and shall execute such bond and receive such salary as may be prescribed by law.



Sec. 153.  As used in this article, the term “corporation” or “company” shall include all trusts, associations and joint stock companies having any powers or privileges not possessed by individuals or unlimited partnerships, and exclude all municipal corporations and public institutions owned or controlled by the State; the term “charter” shall be construed to mean the charter of incorporation by, or under, which any such corporation is formed; the term “transportation company” shall include any company, trustee, or other person owning, leasing or operating for hire a railroad, street railway, canal, steamboat or steamship line, and also any freight car company, car association, or car trust, express company, or company, trustee or person in any way engaged in business as a common carrier over a route acquired in whole or in part under the right of eminent domain; the term “rate” shall be construed to mean “rate of charge for any service rendered or to be rendered”; the terms “rate,” “charge” and “regulation,” shall include joint rates, joint charges, and joint regulations, respectively; the term “transmission company” shall include any company owning, leasing, or operating for hire, any telegraph or telephone line; the term “freight” shall be construed to mean any property transported, or received for transportation, by any transportation company; the term “public service corporation” shall include all transportation and transmission companies, all gas, electric light, heat and power companies, and all persons authorized to exercise the right of eminent domain, or to use or occupy any street, alley or public highway, whether along, over, or under the same, in a manner not permitted to the general public; the term “person,” as used in this article, shall include individuals, partnerships and corporations, in the singular as well as plural number; the term “bond” shall mean all certificates, or written evidences, of indebtedness issued by any corporation and secured by mortgage or trust deed; the term “frank” shall be construed to mean any writing or token, issued by, or under authority of, a transmission company, entitling the holder to any service from such company free of charge.  The provisions of this article shall always be so restricted in their application as not to conflict with any of the provisions of the Constitution of the United States, and as if the necessary limitations upon their interpretation had been herein expressed in each case.

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