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When I failed at fervid rhymes,
   “Shall,” I said, “persist I?”
“Dies” (I would add at times)
   “Meos posuisti!”

So I have fared through many suns;
   Sadly little grist I
Bring my mill, or any one’s,
   Domine, Tu scisti!

And at dead of night I call: 
   “Though to prophets list I,
Which hath understood at all? 
   Yea:  Quem elegisti?”


SURVIEW “Cogitavi vias meas”

A cry from the green-grained sticks of the fire
   Made me gaze where it seemed to be: 
’Twas my own voice talking therefrom to me
On how I had walked when my sun was higher —
   My heart in its arrogancy.

“You held not to whatsoever was true,”
   Said my own voice talking to me: 
“Whatsoever was just you were slack to see;
Kept not things lovely and pure in view,”
   Said my own voice talking to me.

“You slighted her that endureth all,”
   Said my own voice talking to me;
“Vaunteth not, trusteth hopefully;
That suffereth long and is kind withal,”
   Said my own voice talking to me.

“You taught not that which you set about,”
   Said my own voice talking to me;
“That the greatest of things is Charity. . . "
- And the sticks burnt low, and the fire went out,
   And my voice ceased talking to me.


{1} Quadrilles danced early in the nineteenth century.

{2} It was said her real name was Eve Trevillian or Trevelyan; and that she was the handsome mother of two or three illegitimate children, circa 1784-95.

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